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    Do you know the installation process of purified water equipment?

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-10-15 Views: Times

    Pure water equipment is closely related to our domestic water use. Many people are aware of its role and have gradually entered families and units. However, few outsiders really know how to install pure water equipment. Today, the editor of Zhonglan Water Treatment Equipment Company will work with you to understand the installation process of pure water equipment.

    Installation process of purified water equipment

    Pure water equipment installation flowchart

    1. We first place the host of the pure water and the pre-processor of the pure water equipment near the water source and power source, which will make it more convenient for future use.
    2. Then install activated carbon, quartz sand, softening resin and other filtering materials mainly in the purified water equipment.
    3. Reconnect the water channel: The raw water pump inlet of the purified water equipment is carefully connected to the water source, the outlet of the pre-filter is connected to the water inlet of the host, and the pre-processor and the drain pipe of the host are connected to the sewer .
    4. Circuit: The problem of this line engineering is the ground wire that must be connected. These are all aspects of electrical equipment that must be done, and the randomly configured power line is connected to the room power control box.
    5. The pure water equipment passes the water source and power supply, and then step by step according to the requirements of our "pretreatment operation instructions", so that our pretreatment debugging operations are all completed.
    6, the use of pure water equipment, turn on the original water pump switch, then dial the place in the automatic position, and rotate the switch to open and stop. Then connect the water source and power supply of our equipment. When the pressure of the multi-stage pump port reaches the set value of the pressure controller, the multi-stage pump of our equipment starts to work. After the purified water multi-stage pump is started, the pressure of the purified water equipment system is between 1.0 and 1.2 MPa. The RO membrane system should be manually flushed for thirty minutes when first started. In this way, our installation steps have been completed and can be used normally, and later maintenance work.

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