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    Sewage discharge standards in Henan Province

    Source: Center of Water Treatment Technology: the blue Time: 2015-08-25 Views: Times


    In order to implement the laws and regulations of the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Law of the People's Republic of China on Water Pollution Control, and the Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution in Henan Province, strengthen the supervision and management of water pollutant discharge in the Jialu River Basin and further improve the Jialu River Basin Quality of water environment, formulate Henan Province sewage discharge standards.
    This standard specifies water pollutant discharge limits, monitoring and monitoring requirements in the Jialu River Basin.
    The discharge management of water pollutants from the livestock and poultry breeding industry in the Jialu River Basin implements the regulations of GB18596.
    After the implementation of this standard, water pollutant discharge standards in other river basins in the Jialu River Basin will no longer be implemented.
    This standard was proposed by the Henan Provincial Department of Environmental Protection.
    This standard was drafted: Henan Academy of Environmental Protection Science, Zhengzhou Research Institute of Environmental Protection, Henan Environmental Monitoring Center.
    The main drafters of this standard: Lu Dongxia, Li Jie, Sun Xiangqun, Yu Li, Liu Baotang, Chen Jing, Zhang Xuehua, Shi Lieyan.
    The drafters of this standard: Huang Qun, Ren Yake, Zhou Xiaoli, Li Qiaoxia, Lu Dan, Liu Chi.
    This standard was approved by the People's Government of Henan Province on June 18, 2014.
    This standard is issued for the first time and will be implemented from June 26, 2014.
    This standard is explained by the Henan Province Environmental Protection Department.

    Discharge Standards of Water Pollutants in the Jialu River Basin

    Jialu River pollution control

    1 Scope This standard specifies the water pollutant discharge limits, monitoring and monitoring requirements of the Jialu River Basin, as well as relevant provisions for the implementation and supervision of the standard.
    This standard applies to the discharge management of water pollutants in the Jialu River Basin, as well as the environmental impact assessment of construction projects, the design of environmental protection facilities, the completion acceptance, and the sewage discharge management after its commissioning.
    2 Normative references The following documents are essential for the application of this document. For dated references, only the dated version applies to this document. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies to this document.
    GB / T6920 Determination of pH of water quality Glass electrode method GB / T7466 Determination of total chromium in water quality GB / T7467 Determination of hexavalent chromium in water quality Diphenylcarbazide spectrophotometry GB / T7469 Determination of total mercury in water quality Potassium permanganate- Potassium persulfate digestion method dithizone spectrophotometric method GB / T7470 Determination of lead in water GB / T7475 Determination of copper, zinc, lead and cadmium in water Atomic absorption spectrophotometric method GB / T7484 Determination of fluoride in water quality Ion-selective electrode method GB / T7485 Determination of total arsenic in water quality GB / T7494 Determination of anionic surfactants in water quality Methylene blue spectrophotometric method GB / T11893 Determination of total phosphorus in water quality Ammonium molybdate spectrophotometry GB / T11901 Determination of water suspended matter Gravimetric method GB / T11902 Determination of selenium in water quality 2,3 -Diaminonaphthalene fluorescence method GB / T11903 Determination of water quality chromaticity GB / T11914 Water quality chemical oxygen demand determination Dichromate method GB / T13896 Water quality lead determination Oscillographic polarography GB / T15505 Water quality selenium graphite furnace Atomic absorption spectrophotometry GB / T16489 Determination of compounds. Methylene blue spectrophotometric method GB / T17133 Determination of water sulfide. Direct color spectrophotometry GB18918-2002 Pollutant emission standard for urban sewage treatment plants. HJ / T60 Determination of water quality sulfide. Iodometric method HJ / T70 High chlorine wastewater chemistry. Determination of oxygen demand. Chlorine gas calibration method. Determination of inorganic anions in water. Ion chromatography HJ / T132. Determination of chemical oxygen demand in high chloride wastewater. Determination of potassium iodide. Basic potassium permanganate method. Determination of ammonia nitrogen in water. Gas phase molecular absorption spectrum. Method HJ / T199 determination of total nitrogen in water quality gas phase molecular absorption spectrometry HJ / T200 determination of water quality sulfide gas phase molecular absorption spectrometry HJ / T341 determination of mercury in water quality cold atomic fluorescence method (trial)
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    3.1 The public sewage treatment system collects sewage through means such as sewage pipes, provides sewage treatment services to two or more sewage discharge units and can meet the requirements of relevant discharge standards for enterprises or institutions, including urban sewage treatment plants and regions of various sizes and types (Including various industrial parks, development zones, industrial agglomerations, industrial agglomerations, etc.) Sewage treatment plants, etc., should have a sewage treatment level of Grade II or higher.
    3.2 Existing public sewage treatment systems Before the implementation of this standard, public sewage treatment systems whose environmental impact assessment documents for production or construction projects have been approved.
    3.3 New public sewage treatment system From the date of implementation of this standard, new, expanded, or rebuilt public sewage treatment systems that have been approved by the environmental impact assessment document.
    3.4 Existing pollutant discharge units Before the implementation of this standard, the pollutant discharge units that have been completed and put into operation or the environmental impact assessment documents of construction projects have passed approval.
    3.5 New Sewage Discharge Units From the date of implementation of this standard, new, expanded, and rebuilt sewage discharge units whose environmental impact assessment documents have been approved.
    3.6 Zhengzhou City includes Zhengzhou downtown area (ie, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway in the east, Ring Road Expressway in the west, Yellow River Wetland Reserve in the north, and the Middle Route of South-to-South Water Transfer Project in the south) and Zhengzhou Airport Comprehensive Experimental Zone.
    4 Water Pollutant Discharge Control Requirements 4.1 New Public Sewage Treatment System Since June 26, 2014, Zhengzhou City's existing public sewage treatment system since July 1, 2016, and existing public sewage treatment systems in other regions since 2016 From January 1st of the year, the discharge limits of the basic control items for water pollutants shall be as specified in Table 1.
    For areas requiring special protection measures in accordance with the requirements for improvement of water environmental quality, the discharge limits of the basic control items for water pollutants in public sewage treatment systems shall implement the special discharge limits in Table 1. The area, time and method for implementing the special emission limits in Table 1 shall be prescribed by the provincial people's government.
    The discharge limits and other regulations for water pollutants selection and control projects in public sewage treatment systems shall comply with GB18918-2002.
    Table 1 Emission limits (basic daily value) of basic pollutant control items for public sewage treatment systems
    Unit: mg / L (except pH, color, fecal coliform count)

    Henan sewage discharge standard table

    4.2 From June 26, 2014, new sewage discharge units, and existing sewage discharge units from January 1, 2016, the sewage discharged directly to the environment shall implement the regulations in Table 2.
    Sewage discharge units discharge water pollutants to public sewage treatment systems, and implement national or local water pollutant discharge standards.
    The unit product's reference drainage volume (the upper limit of the amount of wastewater discharged by the production unit for the purpose of verifying the concentration of water pollutants for discharge) is the national or local standard for water pollutant discharge.


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