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    Swimming pool water treatment process

    Source: water treatment process Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-10-11 10:45:22 Views: Times

    How to save resources, reduce expenses, and effectively deal with pool water has always been the primary issue for swimming pool operators. Most operators lack the corresponding water treatment experience and do not know much about the water treatment process of swimming pools. Henan Zhonglan Group, a manufacturer of pure water equipment and sewage treatment equipment , designs the water treatment process of swimming pools based on years of water treatment engineering experience as follows:

    Swimming pool water treatment process

    Swimming pool water treatment process

    The first step:
    Swimming pool water treatment (process of physical and chemical methods to remove some substances in water) system affairs and process water treatment (process of physical and chemical methods to remove some substances in water) system affairs: the floating pond water quality treatment system obeys the static balance task affairs Complete pollution of the water quality is achieved during the round-robin process. The water in the floating pond is collected by the overflow water channel and then collected into the balanced pool. It will enter the water return pipeline along with the supplementary water. The water pump (the machine that converts the mechanical energy of the original idea into water energy to reach the pumping water) (suction and discharge) Fluid machinery) drives through the hair aggregator and filters out hair and particles of larger size; while outdated flocculation (aggregates suspended particles in the liquid or forms floc, thereby accelerating particles Settlement, to achieve the solid-liquid separation process) agent active addition system.
    Second step:
    This system controls the careful metering pumps (machines that suck and discharge fluids) (also known as dosing pumps (machines that suck and discharge fluids) or proportional pumps (machines that suck and discharge fluids)) Proportional addition of flocculation (aggregation of suspended particles in the liquid or formation of floc, thereby accelerating particle settling to achieve solid-liquid content), aluminum sulfate solution (10% Al2 (SO4) 3), and promoting reincarnation Small substances in the colloidal state in the water condense into larger particles, and then enter the quartz sand filter (a filter device to remove impurities in the medium in the pipeline that conveys the medium) (using quartz sand as a filler) A filtering device).
    The third step:
    The active pH adjustment system compares the end of the measurement flag of the pH measurement sensor with the set value. The microcomputer intends to retract the control call after completing the PLD calculation on its difference. The metering pump (mechanism to suck and discharge fluid) (also called Dosing pump (mechanism for suction and discharge of fluid) or proportional pump (mechanism for suction and discharge of fluid)) Inject dilute hydrochloric acid (10% HCl) into the circulating water to control the pH of the water in the flotation pond within the scope designated by the country ( pH = 7.2-8.0).
    The fourth step:
    Finally, the disinfectant (referring to the preparation used to kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the introduction to make it harmful), the active mediation system uses the residual chlorine sensor or the redox potential sensor to measure the disinfection and sterilization ability of the swimming pool, and the controller controls the metering pump ( The machine that sucks and discharges fluid) (also known as the dosing pump (mechanism that sucks and discharges fluid) or the proportional pump (mechanism that sucks and discharges fluid)) Accurately add hypochlorous acid (because of the strong oxidizing property of hypochlorous acid) Therefore, it can be used as a bleaching agent) sodium disinfectant (5% NaClO) to keep the residual chlorine concentration in the water of the floating pond within the range designated by the country (0.3-0.6ppm). It is useful to kill various bacteria and complete pollution and disinfection.

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