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    What problems can direct drinking equipment solve?

    Source: Drinking Water Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-10-10 Views: Times

    Drinking water equipment

    Straight drinking fountain

    Although direct drinking fountains have penetrated into the daily work and life of ordinary people, and direct drinking has undoubtedly become a fashionable healthy lifestyle, some people still question: what problems can direct drinking equipment solve?
    Drinking straight water is safer
    Drinking fountains are high-tech, new materials, household and commercial appliances. After processing by PP cotton, activated carbon, especially reverse osmosis membrane, it removes three kinds of harmful pollutants such as bacteria, organic matter and heavy metal ions in water, eliminates odor and improves taste. Compared with bottled water, the safety is greatly improved.
    Drinking water is healthier
    Direct drinking water equipment produces direct drinking water, and people drink it immediately, which reduces the storage time. After the reverse osmosis membrane treatment, healthy water with small molecular groups is obtained, which is easier to absorb.
    Water dispenser is more convenient
    Direct drinking water machine is directly installed on the water pipe, no need to buy water to send water, change buckets to add water; commercial direct drinking water machine is about the same size as a traditional boiling water tea stove, it is easier to install, and it can customize the water production capacity according to the number of users to achieve cold and warm drinks And hot drinks whenever you want.
    Drinking water can meet multiple water needs
    Direct drinking fountains are multifunctional purifying appliances. After purification, water can be drunk raw, can also be used to cook rice and soup, and can be used for facial cleansing and beauty. Villa-type machines can also meet the needs of bathing; Belongs to a single function product.
    So, how exactly does direct drinking water equipment achieve water quality health and safety? Below, take the luxury central water purification equipment of the water cup as an example:
    Water cup direct drinking system:

    Water cup direct drinking system

    Water cup direct drinking system

    Water cup direct drinking system

    Water cup direct drinking system

    Pure water treatment process

    Water purification process

       This equipment is suitable for centralized and qualitative water supply needs in schools, enterprises, public institutions, hotels, real estate, hospitals, communities, and public places. The water cup will make the corresponding direct drinking water system design plan according to your actual situation and specific needs.


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