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    Would you like to know what water to drink?

    Source: Water Treatment Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-10-03 Views: Times

    The importance of water to the human body is very clear, but what kind of water is good? Everyone is very concerned about this issue, because the difference in water quality will directly affect the absorption and health of the human body. Of course, I want to know what kind of water to drink and how to drink it before drinking water. Here's a brief discussion with you.
    Is it better to drink hard or soft water?
    Soft water is softened water, which is water containing no or less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. It is treated by softened water equipment . The hardness of water has a great impact on daily life. To understand whether it is better to drink hard or soft water, first understand the relationship between calcium and magnesium ions and human health. Calcium and magnesium ions are essential nutrients for the human body every day. If the water has a certain hardness, a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions can be supplemented by drinking water. If you are taking soft water for a long time, you need to supplement it through other ways. But the hardness of water is too high and too low, because the hardness of water is closely related to some diseases. In areas with higher water hardness, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is lower, but the incidence of kidney stones increases with the increase in water hardness. Most of the southern part of China is soft water, and the northern part is mostly hard water. The standard for drinking water in China is not to exceed 25 degrees, and the most suitable drinking water hardness is 8-18 degrees, which is mild or moderate hard water.

    Benefits of soft water

    The softness and hardness of water is also related to the taste. Hard water is refreshing. Most mineral water has a high hardness, which makes people feel refreshing and delicious. The soft water is light and tasteless. But using hard water for tea and coffee will affect the taste. Some food processing waters are more particular about it. Hydraulicity will affect food processing, which may cause protein precipitation, inorganic salt precipitation, or difficult cooking. Drinking water is better with soft water. Boiler water should generally soften hard water, otherwise accidents may occur due to too much scale.
    Is it better to drink pure water or tap water?
    Purified water is water that is processed, purified, and purified through multiple processes, referred to as purified water or pure water, and is prepared by purified water equipment . Purified water after multiple processes removes harmful substances and bacteria at the same time, so it can be drunk directly.

    Benefits of pure water

    Experts do not agree on whether it is better to drink pure water or tap water. Some experts believe that drinking water is to replenish water, so there is no need to consider nutrition. Other experts believe that there are many trace elements and inorganic salts in tap water, which are good for the human body. So what nutrients does tap water have? The content of zinc and iron in 1000 ml of water is less than 0.2 mg. Adults need to supplement zinc 10 mg-15 mg and iron 12 mg-18 mg daily. The daily intake of trace elements from water is less than 1 milligram, which is insignificant compared with the trace elements required by the human body. However, the water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, which is still beneficial to the human body. Since pure water is filtered through multiple layers, impurities, trace elements, inorganic salts and pathogenic bacteria in the water are generally removed. It is safe, non-toxic, non-polluting, hygienic and good for the human body. Taken from food. Therefore, if economic conditions allow it, the purchase of truly pure water is human progress. However, because the production of pure water is very unregulated at present, fish eyes are mixed with pearls. If you buy an unqualified product, it will be harmful to your body.
    So what's wrong with drinking tap water? Tap water is produced under the strict quality control of a tap water plant. Drinking tap water can be assured. However, the pollution of water tanks in some high-rise buildings deserves people's vigilance. As for the appearance of scale in tap water, it is caused by the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, which has no adverse effects on the body. The tap water is economical and affordable, and the ordinary working class may not necessarily catch up with the new market trend.

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