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    Implementing the "Water-saving Optimization" Policy with the "Strict System"

    Source: pure water treatment equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-09-30 Views: Times

    Purify water and save water

    Water is the source of life. Purifying water, saving water, and protecting the ecological environment are everyone's duties and obligations. According to the manufacturer of pure water treatment equipment , the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Water Resources held a press conference to announce the assessment of the implementation of the most stringent water resource management system in 2014 in 30 provinces (regions, cities) except Xinjiang.
    "From the results of the assessment, last year we completed the annual total water use control, water use efficiency control, and water functional zone water quality compliance rate control targets, and China's water use and water quality situation is improving." Said Chen Mingzhong, director of the Ministry of Water Resources.
    "There are no unqualified provinces in the transcript, but we will inform the provinces of the problems in the implementation of the most stringent water resources management system and which projects will be deducted from points so that they can better improve their work." Ministry of Water Resources Water Resources Cheng Xiaobing, inspector of the company and director of the Office of the Working Group to Implement the Most Strict Water Resources Management System, said.
    In order to fundamentally resolve the water contradiction, China has vigorously implemented the most stringent water resources management system. The core of this is to set the "three red lines" for total water resources development and utilization control, water efficiency control, and water function zone restrictions. Judging from the assessment results of last year, China has kept the "bottom line" of annual water resources management.
    The key to improving water efficiency is to implement the "water saving priority" policy. Water conservation has become the focus of construction of 172 major water conservancy projects. In 2014, water conservancy investment was further tilted towards water conservation projects. The country added 20 million mu of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation areas and added water-saving capacity of 3.5 billion cubic meters.
    The assessment results of the most stringent water resources management system have been published for two consecutive years. The "transcript" highlights the achievements made in water resources management on the one hand, and objectively reflects the existing problems.
    Although the national total water consumption has completed the annual target, it is unbalanced at the provincial level, the water consumption structure in some areas is unreasonable, and the water resource utilization efficiency is low. Cheng Xiaobing said that in the future, it may be necessary to increase the weight of the assessment of water conservation in the assessment of the most stringent water resources management system in order to mobilize local water conservation initiatives and initiatives.
    In addition, in terms of management capacity building, although the national water resources monitoring capacity project has three levels of information platforms: central, river basin, and provincial information platforms, and three major monitoring systems for water users, water function zones, and provincial borders, the central, river basin, and provincial The three-level platform has initially realized information sharing, interconnection and business collaboration, and the national groundwater monitoring project has also been fully launched. "But there is still a certain gap from the actual management needs, especially the water consumption in many places at the grassroots level basically has no metering device. The basic monitoring methods and capabilities need to be strengthened, "said Cheng Xiaobing.
    "At present, China's most stringent water resources management system has just begun. Although it has achieved some results, it still faces many obstacles. In the next stage, the Ministry of Water Resources will further improve the assessment index system, improve the assessment organization procedures, and strictly assess accountability Focus on the most stringent implementation of the most stringent water resources management system. "Chen Mingzhong said.


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