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    The water quality of Chongqing campus drinking water equipment is checked daily

    Source: Water Treatment Equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-09-28 Views: Times

    Campus drinking water equipment.Jpg

    Pure water equipment series of campus drinking water equipment

    What is the quality of direct drinking water that children drink at school? A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission's Health Supervision Bureau that in its draft "Sanitary Regulations for Direct Drinking Water in Schools" (draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the "Specifications"), the quality of water from direct drinking water equipment should be checked daily. Inspection, and the test results should be published monthly. It is reported that this will also be the city's first local standard for sanitary norms for direct drinking water on campus.
    Supply of direct drinking water should be 2000-2500 ml per person
    Many homes have direct drinking water equipment, but you may not pay much attention to the power rating of the direct drinking water equipment. That is to say, a straight drinking fountain has a rated amount of tap water. For example, a processor with a rated power of 1000 ml per day, and you let it produce 3000 ml a day, then the extra 2000 ml of water is not available. Completely processed.
    Therefore, the "Specifications" stipulates that the water supply of direct drinking water equipment should meet the quota requirement of 2000-2500 ml per person per day, because according to the survey, each student drinks a minimum of 1200 ml of water per day and a sufficient amount of 2000 ml of water. The increase in ambient temperature and the increase in activity will increase the demand for drinking water.
    In addition, there should be waiting space for children's water collection points, and the evacuation space of the aisle should not be occupied. Drinking places should be set up on each floor in the teaching building, and a drinking water tap should be set for each 40-45 people to calculate the number of water taps.
    Water quality processor is at least 10 meters away from the toilet
    In addition to the requirements for the place where children take water, the Code also stipulates that the sanitary conditions should be maintained around the direct drinking water system and the place where the water quality processor is installed, and there must be no dust, toxic or harmful gases within 10 meters. No pollution sources such as garbage, feces and waste residues shall be piled up. The water-making room shall not be adjacent to the room for sewage treatment and the accumulation of contaminated items, and no toilet shall be provided. In other words, whether it is a water collection point, a water production room, or a water quality processor, keep it away from garbage dumps, toilets and other unsanitary places.
    The direct drinking water treatment equipment, facilities and pipe networks of newly built, rebuilt and expanded schools shall be strictly rinsed and disinfected, and they shall be officially used only after passing the water quality sampling inspection. The school should regularly maintain the water quality processor regularly, check cleaning and disinfection, find problems, solve them in time, and ensure normal water supply.

    Workers testing the quality of water from campus drinking water equipment

    The quality of the water from the drinking water equipment should be checked every day
    The quality of direct drinking water for children can actually be tested. The "Specifications" stipulates that business units that sell equipment to schools, or schools that have the necessary conditions, should establish water quality inspection rooms, allocate water quality inspection personnel and instruments and equipment according to scale, and conduct water quality inspection on school drinking water and raw water.
    The water quality of the drinking water equipment will be checked daily. The specific items should be: color, turbidity, odor and smell, visible to the naked eye, and pH. The oxygen consumption, total dissolved solids, total colonies, and total coliforms should be checked once a month. After the winter and summer vacations, the school should also clean and disinfect pure water equipment before the start of school, and inspect the water quality. After passing the inspection, the children should drink it.
    Once the water quality inspection results are unsatisfactory, the measurement should be repeated immediately and the water supply should be stopped. After the cause is identified, effective measures should be taken to rectify the water quality after the water quality inspection is qualified. The school shall publicize the results of the monthly water quality inspection in a conspicuous position of the water supply of the drinking water equipment. The school shall report the results of the previous month's water quality inspection to the local county (district) health administrative department before the 10th of each month.


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