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    The concept hype of functional water and functional water dispensers

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-09-27 Views: Times

    The concept hype of functional water and functional water dispensers

    People in the industry believe that the various functions of the market for various functional water and functional water dispensers have not been clearly and scientifically verified, and more are speculations in order to pursue interests. Safety is the most important measure of drinking water.
    Generally speaking, bottled water produced by formal enterprises is safer drinking water and is generally safe to drink. However, in order to obtain high profits, many businesses have taken the opportunity to "make a fuss" and launch various concept waters, which makes consumers confused and easily deceived. Take a tiny molecular cluster of water as an example, a small bottle costs as much as tens of yuan. Merchants said that the water increased the human body's absorption capacity by more than 80% than ordinary water, including well-known spring water, and was very helpful to sub-healthy people.
    In addition, the market's concept of targeting specific groups such as children and the elderly is also emerging. Food safety doctor Zhong Kai publicly stated that for drinking water, WHO's recommendation is "to boil water". Not only for babies, but also for pregnant women, the elderly and other people.
    In fact, the newly implemented "National Food Safety Standard for Drinking Water" has clearly stipulated that the name of packaged drinking water should be authentic and scientific, and it should not be marked with "activated water", "small molecule water", "functional water", "energy "Water" and other unscientific content have also been reported by the media.

    Concept water dispenser.Jpg

    Functional water dispenser and functional water concept hype

    In addition to concept water, there are a variety of water dispensers on the market. According to relevant manufacturers, pure water treatment equipment is generally divided into pure water systems and pure water equipment . According to the safety level of purified water quality, purified water equipment is divided into straight drinking fountains and non-direct drinking fountains. Direct water dispenser refers to reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers with purification accuracy of 1/10000 microns. Indirect water dispensers include water softeners, water purifiers, and functional water dispensers. Water purifiers include nanofiltration water purifiers, ultrafiltration water purifiers, and ceramic water purifiers. At present, the functional water machines on the market include small molecular water machines, magnetized water machines, electrolytic water machines, hydrogen-rich water machines, and weak alkaline water machines.
    Is a functional water dispenser a hype like functional water? A person in charge of the water dispenser manufacturer, who asked not to be named, told me that most of the functions advertised by functional water dispensers have not been clearly scientifically verified. Drinking water should first consider safety. If it is not safe, various functions cannot be discussed.
    It is worth noting that recently, it has been revealed that there are "liars" who sell functional water dispensers on the grounds of unsafe and unhealthy tap water. Many citizens, especially the elderly, are frequently fooled.
    In this regard, some insiders said that tap water that meets the sanitary standards of drinking water should be said to be safe and affordable drinking water. However, the quality of tap water is threatened by water pollution and secondary pollution from the water distribution network, so it must be boiled before drinking. Generally speaking, tap water is boiled at high temperature and can kill most bacteria.
    The “2015 Drinking Water Hygiene Publicity Week Publicity Fold” printed by the Shanghai Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that China ’s current “Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water” sets strict sanitary requirements for drinking water, and proposes 106 water quality indicators. Its level is comparable to developed countries and regions such as the World Health Organization, the United States, and the European Union. It is understood that tap water users can also log in to the website of relevant departments to learn about tap water quality information in their cities.
    Taking into account that the quality of tap water varies from place to place, some consumers are pursuing a high quality of living standard, and some rural areas are not able to drink tap water. The experts said that consumers can choose the appropriate purified water equipment according to local conditions.
    I learned earlier from the 8th Shanghai International Water Exhibition that among various pure water equipment, reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers can effectively filter heavy metals, organics and other impurities in water, and extract safe and pure water, which is very popular in the market. Welcome. The industry believes that purified water meets and exceeds the sanitary standards of drinking water, and is safe and healthy to drink.


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