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    Common symptoms of human dehydration

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-09-24 Views: Times

    Effects of human dehydration

    Effects of human dehydration

    Relevant data show that when the body is dehydrated by 1%, you will feel thirsty; when you are dehydrated by 2%, your work efficiency will begin to decline; when you are dehydrated by 4%, you will feel weak, dull and emotionally upset, and your tolerance to stress will decrease. , And even feel nausea. If the human body loses 20% of water, life cannot be maintained.
    Dehydration is a phenomenon that occurs in many people. Thirst is a warning that the body is in a dehydrated state, but there are also cases where the body is very dry but the mouth is not dry. Therefore, it is not possible to judge whether the body is dry simply by the degree of dryness of the oral cavity. If you are dehydrated, you can feel tired, irritable, anxious, indigested, have reduced memory, constipation, increased waist fat, body odor, inability to sleep, insufficient tolerance, decreased concentration, joint tightness, no sweat, headache, and headache, often Fever, flushing and other symptoms. But everyone's body is deficient in water and behaves differently. If any of these symptoms occur, it is necessary to rehydrate. The following is a list of common symptoms of dehydration.
    Performance 1. Constipation Of course, constipation is the most direct effect of dehydration. After ingesting food, the nutrients in the food are absorbed by the body, and the remaining residue is slowly compressed and moved to the large intestine. If there is not enough water in the body, the stool becomes hard and round as it passes through the small and large intestines. And lack of lubricant, its movement speed will become slow. Then constipation appeared.


    The most direct effect of dehydration is constipation

    Female constipation.Jpg

    At the same time, urine will turn yellow. As blood pressure drops and body tissues become dehydrated, the kidneys of dehydrated people will concentrate urine and even prevent it from being produced. The urine concentration will increase, and its color will gradually deepen, and it will be dark yellow or even amber in severe cases.
    Performance 2. Feeling of irritability, anxiety, and depression for no reason Sometimes the lack of water in the body can also affect the mood. Emotions such as upset or anxiety and depression are signals that the brain's prefrontal lobe tells us that there is insufficient water in our active area. When the body is dehydrated, due to the inability to produce sufficient urine, the body can only divert some core substances as antioxidants to deal with the toxic waste generated during metabolism. They are used as antioxidants to neutralize liver toxic waste. If you feel irritable or depressed for no reason, drink two or three glasses of water slowly. This will soon sink your heart and restore your usual mentality.


    Dehydration of the body can also affect mood


    Upset or anxiety, depression and other emotions are signals that the brain's prefrontal lobe tells us that there is insufficient water in our active area

    Performance 3. One of the key signals of dizziness and dehydration is that when you stand up quickly, you are suddenly dizzy. There are many reasons for dizziness. If the body is not ill, and nutritional nutrition is balanced, it is likely to be hypotension caused by lack of water in the body. 94% of human blood consists of water. Insufficient water will lower blood pressure, which will reduce the amount of blood entering the brain, causing some symptoms of cerebral ischemia. When the brain is dehydrated, people feel dizzy like hypoxia. Many women have dizziness but don't take it seriously. In fact, dizziness is also a sign of dehydration in the body.


    One of the key signals of lack of water is sudden dizziness when standing up quickly

    Performance 4. Indigestion If the body is dehydrated, it will cause adverse effects on digestion. After food enters the mouth, digestive enzymes in the saliva soften the food during chewing. As food passes through the esophagus, stomach and small intestine, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, proteins are broken down into amino acids, fats are broken down into small fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are also dissolved in water, and become easily absorbed by the body. Lack of water will cause many body organs, especially the digestive organs and lymphatic system, kidneys, etc. to lose their normal vitality, especially the digestive process, which requires water from beginning to end, is more likely to be affected.


    Lack of water can have an adverse effect on digestion

    Performance 5. Inability to fall asleep. Thirst can make people often wake up from sleep, and lack of water can make people feel hot and unable to fall asleep. Because you can't get deep sleep, you will continue to dream or have nightmares while you sleep, and your body will be aching. If the body is dehydrated to a certain extent, sleep will also be affected.

    Can't sleep soundly.jpg

    Lack of water can also make people feel hot and unable to fall asleep

    Performance 6. Memory decline Memory loss is also inseparable from the body's lack of water. If there is insufficient water in the blood, which causes brain cells to be dehydrated, the brain will not be able to get the oxygen and nutrients it needs, and brain cell function will decline. If brain cells do not get enough water, their ability to restore and transmit information will decline, and memory will naturally decrease. More serious than this, impaired blood circulation will lead to poor water supply, and brain cells will gradually be damaged unknowingly.

    Memory loss.jpg

    Insufficient water in the blood will cause brain cells to be dehydrated, and brain cell function will decline.

    Performance 7. Headaches and brain cells produce metabolic toxic waste during operation, but the brain cells themselves cannot tolerate these acidic substances, so the waste will be cleaned up in time.
    That's why the brain has water assigned to priority. When the water is scarce, the brain issues instructions to clean up the waste by sending more blood to itself. Head sinking is such a signal. If the increased cerebral blood flow cannot meet the water requirements of brain cells, migraine headaches may even occur.

    Headache sink.Jpg

    Increased cerebral blood flow can not meet the water requirements of brain cells and migraines can occur

    Performance 8. Body odor If the body is extremely deficient in water, body odor may also occur. Eliminating toxins from the body is one of the functions of the skin. The skin is like a sieve with very fine pores. When the water evaporates through these pores, the waste in the body will be discharged with the water. The waste emits an unpleasant odor, and insufficient water will increase its concentration and exacerbate body odor.

    Body odor.Jpg

    Extreme lack of water may cause body odor

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