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    Ten "meshes" help you interpret the reform of the country's ecological civilization system

    Source: pure water equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-09-23 Views: Times

    Ecological civilization is a form of human civilization. It is the sum of material and spiritual results that humans follow the objective law of the harmonious development of man, nature, and society. It is a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, man and man, and man and society. The social form with virtuous circle, all-round development and sustainable prosperity as the basic purpose reflects the state of civilization and progress of a society. Recently, the State Council Office held a press conference on the reform of the ecological civilization system. Yang Weimin, deputy director of the Office of the Central Financial and Economic Leading Group, member of the economic and ecological civilization system reform group and liaison officer of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Leading Group, introduced that the central government has considered and approved The overall plan of the "1 + 6" combination plan for civilized reform will be released soon. What important arrangements will there be for the reform of the ecological civilization system? Today, the editor of Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Company will help you to interpret the reform of the national ecological civilization system through ten "meshes". Please take a look.

    Reform of National Ecological Civilization System

    Reform of National Ecological Civilization System

    What are the "four beams and eight pillars" of the ecological civilization system?
    The "Overall Plan for the Reform of the Ecological Civilization System" (hereinafter referred to as the "Overall Plan") is divided into 10 parts with a total of 56 articles, of which 47 are reform tasks and measures. It proposes the establishment and improvement of eight systems, which are the "four beams and eight pillars" of the ecological civilization system. ".
    Which eight systems should be established and improved in the reform of the ecological civilization system?
    The eight systems include the improvement of the property rights system of natural resources, the establishment of a land and space development protection system, the establishment of a space planning system, the improvement of total resource management and overall conservation, the improvement of the paid use of resources and the ecological compensation system, the establishment of a sound environmental governance system, and the sound environmental governance And ecological protection market system, improve the evaluation and accountability system of ecological civilization performance evaluation.
    How to carry out environmental protection supervision?
    The plan stipulates that the supervision work will be carried out in the form of the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Team to provincial, district and municipal party committees and governments and their related departments, and will sink to some prefecture-level party committee and government departments. The leader of the inspection team is a provincial or ministerial-level cadre who currently serves or has recently retired from a leadership position, and the deputy team leader is a current vice-ministerial cadre of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. After the completion of the inspection, major issues shall be reported to the central government, and the results of the inspection shall be transferred to the central organization department. These results serve as an important basis for the assessment, evaluation and appointment of the leadership team and leading cadres of the inspected objects.
    What are the six types of accountability situations that the Ministry of Environmental Protection will transfer to the discipline inspection and supervision department?
    The Ministry of Environmental Protection will transfer to the disciplinary inspection and supervision department in accordance with the procedures, which mainly include the following six situations in which party discipline and political responsibility need to be investigated: environmental problems are very prominent, environmental quality is significantly degraded, the tasks assigned by the state are not completed, and leading cadres fail to act in environmental protection, Random acts, even those who are negligent, dereliction of duty, and abuse of power.
    What aspects does environmental protection supervision involve?
    According to the plan, the content of supervision includes three aspects: the implementation of major party committee and state council decisions on environmental protection, the implementation of major environmental issues, and the implementation of environmental protection responsibilities.
    What is the focus of natural resources asset departure audit?
    Chen Chenzhao, Deputy Auditor-General of the National Audit Office, said that the audit of natural resource assets departure is mainly to audit the changes in the physical quantity of natural resource assets in the region before and after the leadership of the cadres. Important environmental protection areas require focused audits. He pointed out that the audit should take the balance sheet as a reference, and objectively analyze the reasons for the changes, which are objective reasons, and which are subjective reasons.
    For human resources to reduce the number of natural resource assets, decline in quality, deteriorate the environment, and cause serious pollution, we must realistically define the responsibilities of leading cadres. The audit results will provide an important basis or basis for the implementation of responsibilities, accountability, and the use, appointment, removal, and reward and punishment of cadres. The report will be sent to the cadre management department. The Commission for Discipline Inspection, etc., should also be transferred to the judicial organs if a crime is suspected.
    How to deploy the departure audit of natural resources assets?
    The pilot is roughly divided into three stages. This year is the start-up year, and the scope of the pilot program will be expanded next year. The Audit Commission will organize and guide some local audit institutions to conduct audit pilots. In 2017, a comprehensive pilot audit was conducted, and the "Interim Provisions on Auditing of Natural Resources Assets of Leading Cadres" was formulated. Starting from 2018, auditing agencies at all levels have been commissioned by the organizational department to conduct exit audits in accordance with cadre management authority, forming a regular audit system.
    What is the scope of application of compensation for ecological and environmental damage?
    The plan is clear and only applies to damage to the elements and functions of the ecological environment caused by pollution of the environment and destruction of the ecology, that is, damage to the ecological environment itself. Inapplicable compensation for personal injury, loss of personal and collective property, and damage to marine ecological environment.

    Reform of National Ecological Civilization System

    Reform of National Ecological Civilization System

    Why is the reform of the ecological civilization system led by the China Finance Office?
    Yang Weimin explained that the drafting of the plan was led by the China Finance Office, and a drafting group was formed with 12 departments including the central government and relevant departments of the State Council. The various departments reached consensus through intense discussion and debate.
    The reason for the China Finance Office to take the lead is that this reform involves 10 areas of integration and reform. "It may be necessary to touch the interests of certain departments and the" cheese ". It is difficult for this department to operate on its own. I am afraid that it will not necessarily be in place in the future. "In addition, there are also multiple departments such as sewage control," It is not easy for anyone to take the lead. "
    "According to the requirements of the General Secretary, in order to improve the quality of reform, we formed an inter-departmental group to work together, which is conducive to improving the quality of the reform plan." He said that the China Finance Office, as the lead unit of the special group, can coordinate different opinions between various departments. "It should be cut, it should be cut."
    Who are the members of the economic system and ecological civilization system reform task force?
    According to Yang Weimin, the leader of the special group is Liu He, the director of the China Finance Office, and the deputy leader is Xu Shaoshi, the director of the Development and Reform Commission, and the minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. As Zhou Shengxian stepped down as the minister of environmental protection earlier this year, Chen Jining took over. Chen Jining is now acting as the deputy team leader.


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