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  • Silicon material silicon product cleaning ultrapure water equipment zl-gcp001

    Source: silicon silicon ultra-pure water equipment of cleaning products: the Blue Time: 2015-09-22 Views: Times

    Silicone material silicon products cleaning ultra pure water equipment

    Silicone material silicon products cleaning ultra pure water equipment

    Device parameters:
    Name: Silicon material, silicon product cleaning, ultrapure water equipment
    Model: zl-gcp001
    Water inlet diameter: 40 (mm)
    Water production: 3T / H
    Working pressure: 290 (psi)
    Power: 5.5 (w)
    Conductivity: 0.055us / cm
    Desalination rate: 99.9% (%)
    Minor contamination can also cause device failure. The purpose of cleaning is to remove surface contamination impurities, including organic and inorganic substances. Some of these impurities exist on the surface of the silicon wafer in atomic or ionic state, or in the form of thin films or particles. Organic pollution includes grease or fibers from photoresists, organic solvent residues, synthetic waxes, and human contact with devices, tools, and utensils. Inorganic pollution includes heavy metals such as gold, copper, iron, and chromium, which seriously affects the lifetime of minority carriers and surface conductance; alkali metals such as sodium cause serious leakage; particle pollution includes silicon slag, dust, bacteria, microorganisms, organic colloidal fibers, etc. Will cause various defects. Therefore, ultra-pure water must be used in the production of monocrystalline silicon / polycrystalline silicon / silicon materials / solar cell silicon wafers and semiconductor devices. At present, the process of preparing ultrapure water can be divided into reverse osmosis + mixed bed ultrapure water equipment, and the second is reverse osmosis + EDI ultrapure water equipment, these are two commonly used processes for making ultrapure water equipment. Ultra-pure water is mainly used for cleaning silicon wafers, and a small amount is used for the preparation of chemical liquids, water vapor sources for silicon wafer oxidation, cooling water of some equipment, and preparation of electroplating liquids. Alkali metals (K, Na, etc.) in water will cause poor withstand voltage of the insulation film, heavy metals (Au, Ag, Cu, etc.) will reduce the PN junction withstand voltage, and group III elements (B, Al, Ga, etc.) will make N type Deterioration of semiconductor characteristics. V group elements (P, As, Sb, etc.) will deteriorate the characteristics of P-type semiconductors. Phosphorus (about 20% to 50% of ash content) after high temperature carbonization of bacteria in water will cause localization on P-type silicon wafers. The area changes to N-type silicon and the device performance deteriorates. If particles (including bacteria) in the water are adsorbed on the surface of the silicon wafer, it can cause short circuits or deteriorate the characteristics.

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