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    Coating electroplating pure water equipment. In the electroplating coating industry, in order to increase the surface finish, brightness, and adhesion of plated parts, the preparation of electroplating solutions requires pure water with a conductivity of 15uS / cm or less. In addition, the plating parts are also rinsed. It needs to be cleaned with electroplating pure water with conductivity below 10uS / cm. The water treatment system for the electroplating industry includes a pure water system for the preparation of electroplating solution before electroplating, a recycling of rare metals in electroplating rinsing wastewater, rinsing water recycling, and a zero discharge electroplating wastewater treatment system. Usually the system consists of pretreatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange, EDI equipment, etc. to meet the requirements of the electroplating industry for various water quality.
    Device parameters:
    Product Name: Pure Blue Equipment for Pure Blue Electroplating Coating Brand: Henan Medium Blue Model: ZL-RO-DDCS1.0T
    Water inlet diameter: DN50 (mm)
    Water production: 1T / H
    Working pressure: 300 (psi)
    Custom processing: Yes
    Process for preparing electroplated ultrapure water:
    1. Adopt ion exchange method, the process is as follows:
    Tap water → electric valve → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → intermediate water tank → low pressure pump → precision filter → cation resin bed → cation resin bed → cation resin mixture bed → microporous filter → water point;
    2. Two-stage reverse osmosis method is adopted, and the process is as follows:
    Tap water → electric valve → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → intermediate water tank → low pressure pump → precision filter → primary reverse osmosis → PH adjustment → mixer → secondary reverse osmosis (the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane is positive Electric charge) → pure water tank → pure water pump → microporous filter → water point.
    3. The process of efficient reverse osmosis plus EDI is adopted:
    Tap water → electric valve → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter → water softener → intermediate water tank → low pressure pump → PH value adjustment system → high efficiency mixer → precision filter → high efficiency reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → EDI water pump → EDI system → Micropore filter → Water point.
    The traditional preparation process of coating electroplating pure water equipment is usually made by using ion exchange resin, but the use of ion exchange resin usually requires frequent regeneration of the resin, which consumes material resources and wastes labor. After many years of practice, our company combines the latest membrane separation technology and uses low pressure reverse osmosis plus ion exchange system (or EDI) to prepare electroplated ultrapure water. This process has lower operating cost and reliable operation than traditional processes. .

    Electroplating pure water equipment 1.jpg

    Application scope of electroplating coating pure water equipment:
    Electroplating (water for gold plating, silver plating, plating, plastic plating, chrome plating, galvanizing, etc.), high purity water for glass coating;
    Pure water for ultrasonic cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning;
    Pure or ultrapure water for electroless plating and electrophoresis;
    Surface coating of automobiles, home appliances and building materials, cleaning pure or ultra pure water;
    Other required pure water for surface treatment;

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