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  • Branch water supply supporting equipment zl-fzpt001

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    Pipeline intelligent constant pressure booster pump for branch water supply supporting equipment

    Device parameters:
    Name: Pipeline intelligent constant pressure booster pump Model: zl-fzpt001
    Material: Cast iron Performance: Frequency conversion Use: Pipeline pump Driving method: Electric pump shaft position: Side vertical flow: 13 (m3 / h)
    Number of impellers: single head: 20 (m)
    Voltage: 380 (V)
    Specifications: ISG32-160
    Speed: 2900
    Electric power: 5.5

    Branch water supply equipment accessories

    Pipeline intelligent constant pressure booster pump for branch water supply supporting equipment

    7 characteristics of variable frequency water pump, make your domestic water more intelligent:
    变频器控制调节,水泵的使用发挥到极致,真正做到的比普通水泵节能30%-60%的电量。 Energy-saving frequency conversion: inverter control and adjustment, the use of water pumps to the fullest extent, truly achieve energy savings of 30% -60% than ordinary water pumps.
    水泵长时间不使用,每72小时会强制启动10分钟,防止生锈或水垢卡机现象发生。 Stainless steel antirust: The pump is not used for a long time, and it will be forced to start for 10 minutes every 72 hours to prevent rust or scale jamming.
    水泵进水,变频器调节一个压力,可以使水泵在运行时始终稳定这个压力供水。 Constant pressure water supply: the water is pumped in, and the inverter adjusts a pressure, which can make the water pump always stabilize this pressure water supply during operation.
    当水泵插入插座时延时3秒启动,避免了插座打火花,更加保护人身安全。 Delay start: When the water pump is plugged into the socket, it will start after a delay of 3 seconds, which prevents sparks in the socket and further protects personal safety.
    水泵配备了国内三晶变频器,傻瓜式操作更简单,易于操作。 One-button operation: The pump is equipped with a domestic three-crystal inverter, which is simpler and easier to operate.
    使用电子压力开关,避免出水量很小时水泵频繁启动。 No frequent startup: Use an electronic pressure switch to avoid frequent starting of the pump when the water output is very small. To achieve the effect of voltage regulation.
    双向控制系统,当压力控制系统进入保护时,自动切换到流量控制系统,确保水泵正常供水。 Inverter control: Two-way control system. When the pressure control system enters protection, it automatically switches to the flow control system to ensure the normal water supply of the pump.

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