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  • Building community water supply system zl-fzgs001

    Source: Building community water supply system Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-09-17 Views: Times

    Building community water supply system

    Building community water supply system

    Device parameters:
    Name: Community Water Supply System
    Model: zl-fzgs001
    Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)
    Rated power: 300 (w)
    Water inlet pressure: 0.3 (Mpa)
    Water supply 10000 (L / h)
    Dimensions: 1000 (cm)
    Voltage: 220 (V)
    Net weight: 30
    Water quality: 0.1
    Whether to provide processing customization: Yes

    Overview of quality water supply:
    The quality water supply is an in-depth treatment of tap water. It removes harmful heavy metals, organics, bacteria and viruses and other impurities in the water by filtering, softening, and membrane separation (RO or UF) sterilization, making it a high-quality drinking water (or pure) Water ), which is directly sent to each household through a special special sanitary pipeline for residents' use, which is completely separated from the original tap water, and the original tap water becomes daily miscellaneous water. This method of dividing the two pipes into different water quality and supplying drinking water and domestic water is called high-quality drinking water purification pipes, and also called quality water supply.
    The quality water supply is essentially the in-depth treatment of the tap water (non-drinking) that has been preliminarily treated by the urban water purification plant to achieve high-quality drinking water that can meet the needs of human health. Its core equipment is membrane filtration equipment, such as ultrafiltration equipment and reverse osmosis equipment . It is based on the filtration effect of the membrane on the small water molecular clusters to make the pure water molecules permeate, and some harmful large particles such as heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria and so on are filtered and removed. The produced water is purified for direct drinking. This kind of water is also called direct drinking water, and the equipment is also called direct drinking water equipment .
    Composition of quality water supply system:
    The core of the graded water supply system is composed of 4 parts: high-quality drinking water equipment, variable frequency constant pressure water supply equipment, water supply network and water circulation sterilization equipment.
    1. High-quality drinking water equipment High-quality drinking water equipment is the core device for deep purification of tap water. Water-making equipment used in pipeline quality water supply projects usually uses microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis filtration technology to produce high-quality drinking water. In particular, the nanofiltration membrane can effectively remove harmful substances in the raw water, and can also partially desalinize, remove hardness, and retain some minerals in the raw water in an appropriate amount, which is the best membrane technology for high-quality drinking water production.
    2. Frequency conversion and constant pressure water supply equipment In the water supply project, the automatic constant pressure frequency conversion water supply device is used to directly improve the water supply, which is hygienic, safe and reliable. The user can drink fresh water at any time, avoiding secondary pollution, and the equipment occupies a small area. , Stable performance, low energy consumption.
    3. Quality water supply network The quality water supply network provides necessary conditions for system commissioning and network maintenance. The design of the quality water supply pipe network is different from the design of the ordinary water supply pipe network. The core is: the quality water supply pipe network should make the clean water circulation smooth and there should be no dead ends as much as possible. The meaning of smooth circulation is that the water in the pipe network that is not used by the user must be able to flow in time and return to the purified water tank through the pipe network disinfection system, rather than staying in a certain pipeline for a long time, otherwise it is easy to cause secondary pollution of the pipe network. , Breeding bacteria.
    4. Pipeline water circulation disinfection equipment Pipeline water supply must be able to "drink raw water". In addition to ensuring that the quality of the exported water from high-quality drinking water equipment meets the standards, a regular cycle disinfection device for the pipe network water must be installed on the pipe network to ensure the sanitation and safety of the pipe network water and effectively prevent secondary pollution.
    Characteristics of quality water supply:
    1. Hygiene: Better than national drinking water standards. Improve the quality of life of residents. Improve your health. High water quality, good taste, health, environmental protection, safety and reliability.
    2. Fresh: automatic circulation flow, automatic monitoring of water quality, to prevent secondary pollution, water purification is always new.
    3. Health: Reverse osmosis technology separates all impurities and bacteria in water to ensure drinking water quality.
    4. Safety: completely avoid pollution of water source and water pipelines and affect drinking water quality.

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