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    Reverse osmosis water treatment EDI module

    Reverse osmosis water treatment EDI module

    Device parameters:
    Name: EDI Module
    Model: zl-EDI001
    Operating pressure: 0.1-0.4 (Mpa)
    Water resistivity: 16-18.25 MΩ? Cm
    Water output: 0.5T / H
    Dimensions: 30.5 32 66 (cm)
    Voltage: 0-100 (V)
    Water quality: 0.05us
    Power: 250-350 (w)
    Conductivity: 0.05us
    Desalination rate: 99.9 (%)
    Single machine output: 3000 (/ h)

    EDI (Electro-deionization for short) is a pure water manufacturing technology that combines ion exchange technology, ion exchange membrane technology and ion electromigration technology (electrodialysis technology). This technology uses ion exchange energy to deeply desalinate to overcome the electrodialysis polarization and incomplete desalination, and also uses electrodialysis polarization to generate water and ionization to generate H and OH ions to achieve self-regeneration of the resin to overcome the defect of regeneration by chemical agents after the resin has failed. Is a new technology that has gradually emerged since the 1980s. After more than ten years of development, EDI technology has occupied a considerable part of the ultrapure water market in North America and Europe. The EDI device belongs to a refined water treatment system. Generally, it is used in conjunction with reverse osmosis (RO) to form an ultrapure water treatment system for pretreatment, reverse osmosis, and EDI devices, which replaces the mixed ion exchange equipment of traditional water treatment processes. The water inlet requirement of the EDI device is a resistivity of 0.025-0.5MΩ cm, and the reverse osmosis device can fully meet the requirements. The EDI device can produce ultra-pure water with a resistivity of up to 18 MΩ cm or more.
    EDI is a revolutionary water treatment technology. It cleverly combines electrodialysis technology and ion exchange technology. It can continuously produce high-quality pure water without acid and alkali. It has advanced technology, easy operation and good environmental protection characteristics, and represents an industry direction. Its emergence is a revolutionary progress in water treatment technology , marking that the water treatment industry Z has finally entered the ranks of the green industry. The EDI device consists of a booster pump, an electric deionization (EDI) membrane block, a DC stabilized power supply, a flow meter, and an instrument. The qualified RO produced water is pressurized into the EDI system by the booster pump. The mixed ion exchange resin in the EDI membrane stack will continuously remove the anions and cations in the raw water, and the current through the membrane stack will be the water molecules near the anion and cation membranes. Make it produce hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions, the ionized hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions will regenerate the mixed ion exchange resin, and the anions and cations exchanged at the same time will enter the concentrated water from the anion and cation membranes through reverse diffusion. The water flows back to maintain the conductivity of the concentrated water, while another part of the concentrated and polar water is continuously discharged into the trench. The electric regeneration process enables the EDI system to continuously produce high-quality deionized water with no downtime or traditional regeneration equipment.

    Reverse osmosis water treatment EDI module

    Reverse osmosis water treatment EDI module

    Three mutual conditions for EDI electrodeionization:
    1. After the reverse osmosis produces pure water into the EDI pure water chamber, the ions in the pure water undergo ion exchange with the ion exchange resin in the EDI module, thereby being detached from the water;
    2. If the inlet water pressure is lower than 0.2 Mpa, a pipe pump needs to be installed. The ions that are exchanged are electrically attracted. The cations migrate through the cation exchange membrane to the cathode, the anions move through the anion exchange membrane to the anode, and enter the concentrated water chamber. To be removed from fresh water;
    3. Water molecules are continuously dissociated into H + and OH- under the action of electricity, and H + and OH- will make the consumed cation and anion exchange resins continuously regenerate, respectively.
    EDI advantages:
    1. No need to stop regeneration and continuously produce high-purity water with stable water quality;
    2. Stable and reliable operation, reducing operation and maintenance costs;
    3. Clean production, no waste water treatment problems, and conducive to environmental protection.
    4. High degree of automation, easy maintenance, can be designed into a perfect membrane technology high-purity water production line.
    5. No need to send special personnel to guard, easy to realize equipment automation control;
    6. The equipment covers a small area, reduces the construction area of the workshop, and saves investment in site construction costs.
    7. No need for acid-base regeneration, no use of chemicals, no discharge of acid-base wastewater, no pollution during the production process, and it is a clean production;
    8. The control system can be individually designed according to the user's specific requirements. Combined with advanced control software, the on-site centralized monitoring of important process operating parameters can avoid manual misoperations and ensure the long-term stable operation of the system from multiple aspects.

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