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    Source: scale inhibitor of water treatment chemicals: the blue Time: 2015-09-17 Views: Times

    Water treatment agent

    Water treatment agent

    Device parameters:
    Name: Water treatment scale inhibitor Model: zl-zgj001
    Chemical composition: organic phosphine compound, zinc-based water Use: water treatment scale inhibitor type: corrosion inhibitor scale appearance: light yellow transparent liquid effective substance content: 30 (%)
    Content: 30 (%)
    PH value range: 1.0 soil 0.5
    Reference dosage: 60-80ppm
    Quality Index:
    Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid total phosphorus (as P043-)%: 15.O 1.0
    Total bowl (calculated as Zn2)%: 5.0 1.0
    Density (20 ℃) g / cm3: ≥1.20 0.05
    PH (1% aqueous solution): 1.0 soil 0.5

    Water treatment agent

    Water treatment agent

    Corrosion and scale inhibitors are mainly composed of Linjun acid, sulfonate copolymer and zinc salt. Not only has a good scale inhibition effect on carbonate scale, but also forms a thin and dense anti-corrosion film on the surface of carbon steel and copper materials, thereby effectively inhibiting the corrosion of carbon steel and copper materials.
    Most of the industrial circulating cooling water systems use stainless steel as the main material, but the problem of scaling and corrosion of the system needs special attention to solve. The role of highly effective corrosion and scale inhibitors is to alleviate and inhibit the formation of scale in the system and slow down the corrosion.
    How to use the corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor:
    1. When using scale inhibitors, pay attention to the dosage is 200g / t
    2. When using corrosion and scale inhibitors, pay attention to the drainage. It is best to drain once every hour, and each drainage event is 5 to 10 seconds.
    3. If the boiler has dirt, you can increase the dosage of the drug and increase the number of blowdowns at the same time, so that the boiler can be shut down after about 10-20 days, and the staff can manually clean up the dirt that has fallen off, and then it can run normally.

    三种阻垢剂的阻垢性能测试及动力学研究 》一文。 To learn more about scale inhibitor technology, please read the article " Scaling Resistance Test and Kinetic Study of Three Scale Inhibitors ".

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