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    In terms of equipment design, a mature, reliable, advanced, and highly automated two-stage RO + EDI + precision mixed bed demineralization process is adopted to ensure that the treated water resistivity of the ultra-pure water quality reaches 18.2 MΩ.cm. The key equipment and materials are all internationally advanced and reliable products. They are controlled by PLC + touch screen. The complete system has a high degree of automation and high system stability. Greatly save manpower cost and maintenance cost, high water utilization rate, reliable operation, economical and reasonable. Compared with other similar products, the equipment has higher cost performance and equipment reliability.
    Our company specializes in the production of RO + EDI + precision mixed bed ultrapure water equipment. It has many years of production experience, especially in the electrical control system PLC. The technology in the water treatment industry is relatively mature. We have also done many water treatment equipment in various industries. We have extensive experience. The quality of the equipment made by our company has advantages over them, and it has a certain market competitiveness in China. The product has many advantages such as good performance, lower price than similar foreign products, timely delivery and convenient and fast after-sales service.
    In LED production, the inner wall of the phosphor screen is coated with a layer of fluorescent substance by spraying or precipitation method. It is made of phosphor particles composed of zinc or other metal sulfides and bonded with potassium silicate. Its preparation requires ultrapure water. If copper in pure water is above 8ppb, it will cause luminous discoloration; if it contains iron above 50ppb, it will cause luminescence to change color, darken, and flash jump; if it contains organic colloids, particles, bacteria, etc., it will reduce the intensity of the fluorescent layer and its Adhesion to the glass bulb and cause defective products such as bubbles, streaks, light leaks, etc. In the 12 processes of producing black and white picture tube fluorescent screens, pure water is used in the five processes of glass bulb cleaning, sedimentation, wetting, film washing, and neck cleaning. Each picture tube requires 80 kg of pure water. The screen of the liquid crystal display needs to be cleaned with pure water and mixed with pure water. If there are impurities such as metal ions, microorganisms, and particles in the pure water, it will cause the liquid crystal display circuit to malfunction, affect the quality of the liquid crystal screen, and cause waste and secondary Product. The production of picture tubes and liquid crystal displays has extremely high requirements on the quality of pure water.
    Water quality standards for LED production: The ultra-pure water effluent quality of our company's LEDs fully complies with the American ASTM pure water quality standards and the electronic-grade water quality technical standards of the Ministry of Electronics Industry of China (18MΩ.cm, 15MΩ.cm, 10MΩ.cm, 2MΩ.cm, 0.5 MΩ.cm level 5), China ’s Ministry of Electronics Industry ’s High Purity Water Quality Trial Standard, the US Semiconductor Industry Pure Water Index, Japan ’s Integrated Circuit Water Quality Standard, and Domestic and International Large Scale Integrated Circuit Water Quality Standards.
    Device parameters

    Model: ZL-5012
    Water resistivity: according to user requirements
    Voltage: 380 (V)
    Desalination rate: 99.5 (%)
    Custom processing: Yes


    Water quality requirements for LED optical ultrapure water equipment :
    Emerging optoelectronic materials production, processing, and cleaning; LCD liquid crystal displays, PDP plasma displays, high-quality tube picture tubes, microelectronics industry, FPC / PCB circuit boards, circuit boards, large-scale, ultra-large-scale integrated circuits require a large number of High-purity water, ultra-pure water for cleaning semi-finished products and finished products. The higher the degree of integration of integrated circuits, the higher the requirements for water quality. This also imposes more stringent requirements on the simplicity, degree of automation, production continuity, and sustainability of ultrapure water treatment processes and products.
    Use range
    ☆ Washing of aluminum foil and work pieces for electrolytic capacitor production
    ☆ Electron tube production, carbonate cathode liquid distribution for electron tube cathode
    ☆ Pure water for production and batching of picture tubes and cathode ray tubes

    ☆ Pure water for black and white picture tube phosphor screen production, glass bulb cleaning, sedimentation, wetting, membrane washing, and neck cleaning
    ☆ The production and display of liquid crystal displays need to be cleaned with pure water and formulated with pure water.
    ☆ Transistor production is mainly used for cleaning silicon wafers, and a small amount is used for medicinal solution preparation.
    ☆ Cleaning wafers with high-purity water in integrated circuit production
    ☆ Semiconductor materials, devices, printed circuit boards and integrated circuits
    ☆ LCD display, PDP plasma display
    ☆ Production of high-quality picture tubes and phosphors
    ☆ Production, processing and cleaning of semiconductor materials and wafer materials
    ☆ Ultra-pure materials and reagents
    ☆ Laboratory and pilot plant
    ☆ Surface polishing of automobiles and home appliances
    ☆ Photoelectric products, other high-tech subtle products


    Ultra-pure water preparation process for typical LED optical ultra-pure water equipment:

    1. Pretreatment system → reverse osmosis system → intermediate water tank → rough mixed bed → fine mixed bed → pure water tank → pure water pump → UV sterilizer → polishing mixed bed → precision filter → water object (≥18MΩ.CM) (traditional Craft)
    2. Pretreatment → reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → water pump → EDI device → purified water tank → pure water pump → UV sterilizer → polishing mixed bed → 0.2 or 0.5 μm precision filter → water object (≥18MΩ.CM) (latest process)
    3. Pretreatment → first-stage reverse osmosis → dosing machine (PH adjustment) → intermediate water tank → second-stage reverse osmosis (positive charge reverse osmosis membrane) → pure water tank → pure water pump → EDI device → UV sterilizer → 0.2 or 0.5μm precision filter → water object (≥17MΩ.CM) (latest technology)
    4. Pretreatment → reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → water pump → EDI device → pure water tank → pure water pump → UV sterilizer → 0.2 or 0.5 μm precision filter → water object (≥15MΩ.CM) (latest process)
    5. Pretreatment system → reverse osmosis system → intermediate water tank → pure water pump → coarse mixed bed → fine mixed bed → ultraviolet sterilizer → precision filter → water object (≥15MΩ.CM) (traditional process)

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