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    Source: Author: Bluestar Environmental Time: 2015-09-16 Views: Times

    Urea solution equipment 1.jpg

    Urea is a special exhaust gas purification reducing agent for diesel engines. It is an odorless, non-toxic solution that is stored in special storage containers on diesel vehicles. When the exhaust gas is discharged from the engine, it will reach the SCR catalytic converter together with the exhaust gas, and then convert nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water, thereby greatly reducing exhaust emissions. Urea is generally called Adblue or DEF in foreign countries. Diesel vehicles equipped with Adblue have a separate container for storage. At present, SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology) technology has become the preferred technology of diesel country IV standard. Domestic engine manufacturers have begun to use SCR technology to meet environmental protection requirements. In order to alleviate the pollution caused by automobile exhaust to the atmospheric environment, China will comprehensively implement National IV emission standards. As the implementation of the National Fourth Standard gradually approaches, urea, a traditional chemical product, is also expected to renew its vitality.
    In fact, in Europe, this policy has been implemented since 2006. European diesel exhaust fluid is called Adblue. In the United States, starting in 2010, with the implementation of the EPA2010 standard, the application and implementation of automotive urea fluids have also been increased. In the United States, diesel exhaust gas treatment fluid is called DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). The main representatives are BlueDEF and so on. However, in China, the production of diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid is still an emerging industry. At present, the foreign European market has the largest consumption. In 2006, the European urea sales network has been formed, mainly in two forms: retail outlets and urea pumping stations. Urea for vehicles is currently available at gas stations throughout Europe. In 2010, its market demand reached more than 3 million tons.
    Domestic market demand: The National Twelfth Five-Year Plan requires a 10% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. From 2011 to 2015, the state promulgated and implemented the national standards for vehicle fuels in the fourth and fifth phases, and heavy-duty diesel vehicles were sold out of SCR technology. Adblue is a necessary supporting product.
    Device parameters:
    Product name: Urea liquid water treatment equipment for vehicles Model: ZL-NSY
    Specification: 1 ~ 100T / h
    Custom processing: Yes Design standard: Pure water treatment system Resistivity: 15 MΩcm2 / 25 ℃
    Automotive urea production line: GB 29518-2013 diesel engine nitrogen oxide reducing agent urea aqueous solution (AUS 32) standard requirements

    Urea solution equipment 2.jpg

    Process flow:
    The scientific name of automobile urea (vehicle urea, automobile environmentally friendly urea) is diesel exhaust gas treatment fluid. Used in diesel engines. It is a consumable that must be used in SCR technology to reduce nitrogen oxide pollution in diesel vehicle exhaust. Its composition is 32.5% high-purity urea and 67.5% deionized water.
    2.1 Pure water process
    Antiscalant dosing, RO cleaning system┐
    Raw water → raw water tank → booster pump → sand filter → activated carbon filter → 5μ precision filter → first-stage high-pressure pump → first-stage membrane treatment system → first-stage RO water tank → second-stage high-pressure pump → second-stage membrane treatment system → two RO water tank → EDI water pump → Security filter → EDI system → Ultra-pure water tank → Ultra-pure water pump → Water point
    2.2 Urea production process
    Tap water → pretreatment → primary reverse osmosis → secondary reverse osmosis → EDI system → ultrapure water storage tank → material storage tank

    Stirred homogenization system

    Filling ← Purification ← Extraction ← Decoloration System ← Primary Filtration System
    System specification:
    This production line consists of pre-mixing system, heat exchange system, primary filtration system, homogenization system, decolorization system, purification system, regeneration system, etc. This operation mode is currently the domestic advanced and mature vehicle urea production process, which has entered a large-scale Industrial production stage.
    A) pre-mixing system: adopt aeration method and homogeneous system to remove some aldehydes in the raw material liquid and play a homogenizing role.
    B) Heat exchange system (optional): Adjust to the temperature required by the process. The bagged granular urea needs to be heated to make the urea granules more soluble (Party provides steam).
    C) Primary filtration and decolorization system: remove suspended matter and other floating impurities in urea to ensure that subsequent processes are not affected. The decolorization system uses high-quality activated carbon for adsorption and decolorization, removes other organic impurities in urea, and makes the urea solution more clear.
    4) Fine filtration system: Prevent the activated carbon particles in the decolorization system from entering the subsequent treatment process, affecting the quality of the subsequent products.
    5) Purification system: Multi-stage purification tower method is used to remove various ions, biuret, phosphate and other impurities in the urea solution to ensure that the product meets the technical specifications of the Chinese Society of Automotive Engineers GB 29518-2013 diesel engine nitrogen oxide reducing agent Urea aqueous solution (AUS 32) standard requirements.
    6) Microfiltration system: intercepting some invisible residual impurities that may be generated by pipelines, storage tanks, power equipment, etc. during the production process to ensure the quality of the finished product is stable and reliable.
    7) Reduction and regeneration system: The purification tower gradually fails during the process production process. Reduction and regeneration treatment is required at a certain period, and the process takes 6-8 hours. The reused purification tower after reduction and regeneration can fully meet the requirements of the original production process. 2 tons of wastewater will be generated during each regeneration cycle. The wastewater does not contain other heavy metals, mainly because the PH value does not meet the requirements. After neutralization and adjustment, environmental protection emission standards can be achieved.
    8) Wastewater treatment system: The waste liquid generated in the process of reduction and regeneration is treated until it reaches the discharge standard. A design plan is provided in this link, which is outside the scope of this plan and quotation. Wastewater treatment process:
    Wastewater collection pond → wastewater pH adjustment pond → treatment wastewater discharge pond.

    Urea equipment 3.jpg

    Equipment advantages
    1. High processing efficiency and stable quality. Product quality is extremely high, clarification and transparency;
    2. The system has low energy consumption, which greatly saves operating costs for customers;
    3. The raw material selection is simple, the price is cheap, and it is easy to obtain;
    4. The system can be modularized and designed, so it is easy to upgrade.
    5. Provide free technical services such as feasibility report, raw material selection, test report, EIA data, laboratory, filling line, market research, etc.

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