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    Source: landscape water purification equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-09-16 Views: Times

    Landscape water purification equipment

    Landscape water purification equipment

    Device parameters:
    Name: Landscape water purification system
    Model: zl-jgs001
    Ozone dosage: 54 (g / h)
    Air volume: 56 (m3 / min)
    Air tank capacity: 78 (m3)
    Flowmeter specifications: 89 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 68 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 67 (mm)
    Dimensions: 57 (cm)
    Aerator power: 47 (kw)
    Common problems in landscape ponds are: 1 unclear water quality that affects the landscape; 2 algae clusters and ecological instability; 3 fish disease infestation and low growth rate; 4 frequent water changes and difficult maintenance. The new landscape pool is prone to the situation of "half a year's clean, one year's smell, and three years' seal".
    Because of the water quality, the landscape ponds in many communities have reduced the amount of water, and some have even become dry ponds. The bottom of the pond is full of algae, the water surface is full of dirty foam, and the sculptures in the pond are rusty and dazzling In summer, pool water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies. This makes the landscape pool, which was originally used to beautify the environment, a headache for people. Seriously haunts people's lives.
    Through scientific research, it was found that the reason for the large-scale reproduction of landscape water bacteria and algae is the nutritional components such as P and N in the water body. Although most of the sources of landscape water bodies are mainly supplemented by tap water, groundwater and rainwater, the water still contains nutrients such as P and N in varying amounts. In addition, the natural evaporation of the pool water in the air, the N and P in the water are continuously concentrated, and the water body is not flowing, which is almost a pool of "dead water", which causes algae and other aquatic organisms to multiply, the transparency of the water body is reduced, and the dissolved oxygen is reduced to cause water quality deterioration.
    After years of experiments and practical summaries, we have developed landscape lake water treatment equipment and technology. Adopting the principle of "flowing water does not rot", the water body is allowed to circulate, and the oxygen content in the water is increased by aeration to increase oxygen content, and the self-purification ability of the water body is strengthened. Simulate the natural material exchange. During the aeration process, the harmful gas components in the water body are discharged and replaced with fresh oxygen. By adding algicides and coagulants, through our company's high-efficiency aeration filter, nitrogen and phosphorus in the water are gradually removed to cause eutrophic elements in the water body.
    Option one: the volume of the water body is above V = 800m3, and the circulation flow is between 20m3 / h and 40m3 / h.
    A small amount of water → landscape water body → grille / screen → circulation pump → algicide addition → flocculant addition → single tank high efficiency aeration filter → dosing algicide → landscape water body adopts Guangshengxing single tank full automatic and efficient Aeration filter, the material of the filter is PP or UPVC, the life span is more than 40 years, the coagulant can be PAC, the algicide is trichloroisocyanuric acid, or the dioxin generator can be used, the initial investment cost is higher , The running cost will be lower.
    Option 2: Circulating flow Q = 50-500m3 / h.
    A small amount of water → landscape water body → grille / screen → circulation pump → dosing of algicide → dosing of flocculant → four tanks of high efficiency aeration filter → dosing of algicides Automatic high-efficiency aeration filter. The material of the filter is PP or UPVC. The coagulant can be PAC, the algicide is trichloroisocyanuric acid, and the chlorine dioxide generator can be used. The initial investment cost is higher. , The running cost will be lower.
    The above water body cycle period can be 24h-144h. According to the water quality standard, the water body volume selects the cycle period T (hours), the circulating water amount Q = V / T (m3 / h), and then according to the calculated circulating water amount Q, according to the landscape water equipment Table selection.
    Option three: the volume is small, and the circulating flow is below 2-15m3 / h.
    A small amount of water → landscape water → grille / screen → circulation pump → dosing of algicide → dosing of flocculant → multi-layer filter material filter → dosing of algicide / ultraviolet sterilizer → landscape water

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