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  • Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment zl-yc001

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    Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment

    Device parameters:
    Name: Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment
    Model: zl-yc001
    Flow: 10-500 (t / h)
    Swimming pool category: Swimming pool inlet diameter: DN50-DN200 (mm)
    Cycle time: 6-8 (hours / times)
    High-efficiency filter: carbon steel, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic outlet diameter: DN50-DN200 (mm)
    Power: 370-22000 (w)
    Pool volume: 200-10,000 cubic meters of hair concentrator: DN50-DN1000 (mm)
    Pump model: 20——500m3 / h

    Design scope:
    The design scope includes filter treatment part, dosing device, electrical control, etc. All equipment selection, equipment layout and process pipeline and circuit scheme design of the system; system process flow, automatic control system, power distribution, design and manufacture of non-standard equipment and equipment installation. Grid-connected system debugging. The customer is responsible for the hydropower in place of the system.

    Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment

    Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment

    Design conditions:
    The swimming pool is a place for tourists to swim and play. In order to ensure the safety and health of tourists, the relevant state departments have made corresponding requirements for their water supply and drainage systems and circulating water treatment systems.
    The design specification for water supply and drainage of swimming pools stipulates that the quality of supplementary water in the initial filling and normal use of swimming pools shall meet the requirements of the current "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water", and shall also meet the requirements of sanitary standards for water quality in artificial swimming places.
    The circulation mode of the swimming pool water should be as uniform as possible without short-flow, eddy currents and dead waters; it is conducive to all exchanges and updates of the pool water; it is beneficial to construction and installation, operation management and sanitary maintenance.
    The cycle of swimming pool water should be determined according to the nature of the swimming pool, the number of swimmers, the volume of water in the pool, the surface area of the pool and the running time of the water purification equipment. Refer to the following table:

    Swimming Pool Category Cycle T (h)
    Diving pool, private swimming pool 8-12
    Pool for diving and swimming 8-10
    Children's pool 4-6

    QX=ΑV/T Amount of circulating water in the swimming pool: QX = ΑV / T
    In the formula: QX——Circulating water volume of swimming pool (m3 / h)
    Α——additional coefficient of water volume of pipeline and filtering equipment, generally 1.1——1.2
    V——Water volume of swimming pool (m3)
    T——The volume and quality of the water circulating system of the swimming pool :
    The incoming water is municipal tap water. According to the data provided by the customer, the water capacity of the swimming pool is 570m3. Because this swimming pool is a swimming pool for residential use, the circulation cycle of the pool water is designed according to 8 hours.
    QX = ΑV / T = 1.2 570/8 = 85.5m3 / h. The processing capacity of the filtration system is designed according to 85m3 / h.
    The treated water meets the requirements of the "Sanitary Standard for Water Quality in Artificial Swimming Places" (GB9667-1996).

    Serial number project index
    1 PH value 6.5-8.5
    2 Turbidity ≤5 degrees
    3 Oxygen consumption Not more than 6mg / l
    4 Urea Not more than 3.5mg / l
    5 Free chlorine Free residual chlorine: 0.3——0.5 mg / l
    6 Total number of bacteria Not more than 1000 pcs / ml
    7 Total coliforms No more than 18 pcs / l
    8 Harmful Substance Refer to the “Sanitary Standards for Design of Industrial Enterprises” (CJ36-79) for implementation of sanitary standards for surface water quality.

    Design Principles:
    1. First, choose advanced technology, reliable technology, economical and reasonable technology.
    2. Make full use of the existing resources and facilities (if any) to minimize investment.
    3. Select a new water purification process and equipment that is stable and reliable, advanced technology, low investment, low operating costs, simple management, low maintenance, and flexible operation to ensure long-term stable operation of the water purification system.
    4. Through the overall optimization in the design, the use of advanced energy-saving technologies to save energy and minimize operating costs.
    5. Use low noise equipment to avoid secondary pollution to the environment.
    6. Combining with the actual situation of the purification system, under the premise of convenient construction and installation, we strive to concentrate the structures as much as possible, compactly arrange and save land.

    Swimming pool water treatment equipment

    Swimming pool circulating water treatment equipment

    Design Basis:
    1. "Water and Drainage Drawing Standards" (GBJl06-87)
    2. "Master Drawing Standards" (GBJl03-87)
    3. "Building Water Supply and Drainage Design Code" (GBJl5-88)
    4. "Code for Design of Pumping Stations" (GB / T50265-97)
    5. "Code for Structural Design of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering" (GBJ69-84)
    6. GB / T50109—2006 Design Specification for Softening and Desalting of Industrial Water 7. GB50013—2006 Design Specification for Outdoor Water Supply 8. GB50014—2006 Design Specification for Outdoor Drainage “Water Supply Drainage Design Manual” Volume 1-12

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