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    Ultrafiltration water treatment filtration equipment

    Ultrafiltration water treatment filtration equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Ultrafiltration water treatment filtration equipment
    Model: zl-cl001
    Processing technology: Ultrafiltration Application occasions: Large rated frequency: 50 (Hz)
    Rated power: 10 (w)
    Water inlet pressure: 0.4 (Mpa)
    Water supply: 15000 (L / h)
    Net content (specification): 1000 (kg)
    Water quality characteristics: 0.2 (MΩ-CM)
    Voltage: 380 (V)
    Applicable object: medicinal solution Principle: pressure filtration style: tube type Product introduction:
    Ultrafiltration is a pressurized membrane separation technology, that is, under a certain pressure, small molecule solutes and solvents are passed through a special membrane with a certain pore size, so that macromolecular solutes cannot pass through and remain on one side of the membrane, thereby making large The molecular material was partially purified. The device separates large molecules from small molecules. The intermediate fiber ultrafilter has the advantages of high filling density in a unit container and a small footprint.
    product properties:
    The advantages of ultrafiltration technology are simple operation, low cost, and no need to add any chemical reagents, especially the experimental conditions of ultrafiltration technology are mild, compared with evaporation and freeze drying, there is no phase change, and it does not cause changes in temperature and pH. It can prevent the denaturation, inactivation and autolysis of biological macromolecules.
    Ultrafiltration equipment is mainly used in the production of ultrapure water, food and beverage industry, fermentation industry, and pharmaceutical industry.
    Use and maintenance: If the ultrafiltration equipment is suspended (less than 10 days), the ultrafiltration membrane should be sterilized and backwashed once. Add 15ppm sodium hypochlorite or 30ppm hydrogen peroxide to the backwash water or add 10-15ppm to the backwash water. After chlorine is left, the inlet valve, drain valve and regulating valve of the ultrafiltration membrane are closed to maintain the sealing and sterilizing effect of the ultrafiltration membrane. If it is not used for a long period of time (more than 10 days), first sterilize and backwash the ultrafiltration membrane, then inject the protective solution into the ultrafiltration membrane and seal it.
    1. The surface layer is smooth and dense, with an average pore diameter of about 0.01 μm, and the support layer is a sponge-like structure; therefore, it has good pressure resistance, pollution resistance, compression resistance, long service life, and excellent water quality.
    2. The hollow fiber surface activated layer has high porosity and has a larger flux.
    3. The strength of the hollow fiber is good, and the reverse washing and air washing processes can be adopted, which greatly prolongs the chemical cleaning cycle of the module.
    4. For different treatment objects, different materials such as modified polysulfone, modified polyethersulfone, PVDF are used in the ultrafiltration series products, which have good tensile strength and oxidation resistance, and the separation accuracy is from 0.01 Micron to 0.20 micron, suitable for more complex processing system applications:
    It is mainly used in the production of pure water and high-purity water in electronics, medicine, food and other industries. The process is for the purpose of separation, concentration, and purification. It is used in various production processes such as mineral water, drinking water purification, and sterilization. According to the needs of customers, various water supply systems can be provided for domestic and industrial use from different water sources: including drinking pure water, demineralized water, pure water, high-purity water, and medical pyrogen-free pure water systems. It also provides various supporting services for water treatment systems.

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