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    School graded water supply system (school drinking water equipment)

    School graded water supply system (school drinking water equipment)

    Separate water supply in China is a new way of drinking water, which refers to separating drinking water, drinking soup, cooking, and other inlets from drinking water, bathing, flushing toilets, washing clothes, and other sanitary water. Each pipe is supplied separately. ; Among them, the domestic sanitary water uses ordinary tap water, and the drinking water uses ordinary tap water as the water source, and is a high-quality drinking water obtained by deep purification treatment. Harmful substances such as secondary pollutants can be directly drunk without boiling. Therefore, it is also known as piped drinking water. Its clean water, rich in oxygen and activity are more beneficial to human health. This equipment is also called piped drinking water equipment .

    Device parameters:
    Name: School Quality Water Supply System (School Drinking Water Equipment)
    Brand: Medium Blue Model: zl-zys003
    Treatment process: reverse osmosis pure water
    Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)
    Rated power: 3000 (w)
    Water inlet pressure: 0.1-0.3 (Mpa)
    Water supply: 1T / H (L / h)
    Whether processing custom: Yes

    Advantages of a quality water supply system
    (1) Excellent water quality: The effluent water quality meets the drinking water purification standard and can be directly consumed.
    (2) Avoid secondary pollution of water quality: The entire system is closed and automatically operated, and the cycle is sterilized periodically, so that there is no standing water in the pipeline, and secondary pollution during the water transfer process is avoided.
    (3) Convenient and affordable: The direct drinking water equipment system is easy to use and low in price, which solves the problems of high price of barreled water and inconvenient transportation.
    System principle
    1. Classified water supply:
    Differential water supply is also called "dual-channel water supply", which means that according to the different needs of people in life, ordinary water is processed through a special process, processed into pure drinking water, and then transported by special pipes. To the household and measure separately. The other water supply is untreated ordinary tap water, which is used for cleaning, sanitary, cleaning, etc., and is metered by ordinary pipelines. The pure drinking water or pure water for direct drinking is produced according to the definition of the GB17323 standard of the People's Republic of China, that is, water that meets the sanitary standards of domestic drinking water, and is produced by reverse osmosis and other appropriate processing methods Water that is sealed in a container and can be directly drunk without any additives is called pure water. According to the CJ94 drinking water purification standard promulgated by the Ministry of Construction, water that also meets the sanitary standards of drinking water is used as raw material. After purified by hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, it is sent to each household for direct drinking through special pipes, which is called purified water. Due to its pure water quality and sweet entrance, this is unmatched by other waters and is very suitable for the needs of modern cities.
    2. Purified water processing technology

    School graded water supply system (school drinking water equipment)

    School drinking water equipment

    There are basically four methods of manufacturing pure water: distillation, electrodialysis, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis (RO).
    A. Distillation is the process of vaporizing water by heating and condensing it into a liquid;
    B. Ion exchange method is the principle of chemical substitution;
    C. The electrodialysis method is based on the principle of physical chemistry to produce pure water.
    (The processes and equipment of the above three water production methods are relatively complicated and consume high energy.)
    D. Reverse osmosis technology is the separation technology with advanced Z, energy saving and high efficiency Z today. The principle is to separate the solute from the solvent under the pressure of the osmotic pressure of the solution by means of selective retention of a reverse osmosis membrane that allows only water molecules to pass through, thereby achieving the purpose of pure water . Reverse osmosis membranes are composed of polymeric cellulose with a highly ordered matrix structure. Its pore size is 1 (0.1 nm) to 10 (1 nm), which is one ten billionth of a meter (equivalent to one thousandth the size of E. coli and one hundredth of the virus). The separation characteristics of reverse osmosis membranes can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, organics, bacteria and viruses in water.
    3. Water treatment process (with process flow chart)

    Campus drinking water equipment process

    School drinking water equipment process

    Tap water enters the raw water tank, and is boosted to a pure water unit for purification treatment by a booster pump (one reserve and one use);
    ①Multi -media filter to remove impurities in water;
    Activated carbon filter to remove chemical organics, heavy metals, chroma and odor in water;
    ③ The cation exchanger reduces the hardness in water, and the salt bucket is configured for recycled resin;
    ④ The water after the first three stages of pretreatment passes through the reverse osmosis RO host to produce pure effluent and enters the water purification tank; Note: The effluent is disinfected by a UV processor.

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