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    Disc filter

    Disc filter

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: disc filter
    Model: zl-glq003
    Principle: Centrifugal filtration method Use: Medicinal liquid filtration style: Vertical performance: Precision filtration Applicable object: Water filter material type: Fiber filter type: Tube body material: Stainless steel Scope of application: Chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, Effective filtering area of beneficiation: 15 (m2)
    Equipment weight: 30 (Kg)
    Filtration accuracy: 20-500 microns Control method: fully automatic / manual system Working pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.8Mpa
    Backwash pressure: 0.15 ~ 0.8Mpa
    Working temperature: ﹤ 60 ℃
    PH value: 4-13
    Number of filter units (A): 3-10 system backwash methods: Use the water from other filter units to backwash each unit separately until the water inlet pipe is completed (B): carbon steel anticorrosion / PP / stainless steel, 6 "-8" flange interface;
    Outlet pipe (C): carbon steel anti-corrosion / PP / stainless steel material, 6 ″ -8 ″ flange connection;
    Drain pipe (D): 3 ″ flange interface backwash valve (E): cast steel / plastic material, 3 ″ thread interface system controller (F): fully automatic dedicated controller, insulation grade is international standard IP65
    product description:
    The disc filter is composed of a set of discs with grooves on both sides. The intersection formed by the edges of the grooves can trap solid objects in the water. Because it has the function of surface interception and deep condensation, it greatly improves the filtration effect. . At the same time, the disc filter has the characteristics of efficient backwash, fully automatic continuous operation, low self-consumption, small footprint, and reliable operation. The backwash process of the filtration system alternates alternately, and the working and backwashing states are automatically switched. It can ensure continuous water discharge and small system pressure loss, so the technical advantage of the disc filter is very obvious.

    Disc filter

    Disc filter

    Improvements and improvements to traditional disc filters:
    1.Using a number of patented technologies, it is safer, more efficient to save water, land and daily maintenance during installation and use.
    2. Filter element spring design, the spring pressure is used to compact the disc group cleverly during filtering, which greatly reduces the pressure requirements for backwashing.
    3. The unique built-in duckbill valve ensures the maximum water output of the filter element during filtering, and at the same time plays a good check function when backwashing.
    4. Split-assembled filter element skeleton, which can flexibly adjust the height of the filter element according to the design requirements, to achieve the role of adjusting the filtering area, and to meet different system supporting requirements.
    5. Metal clamp design, the filter unit adopts self-locking buckle with special designed sealing ring, the installation and removal of the filter unit housing becomes very simple and easy, and the sealing effect is good.
    6. Each filter unit is equipped with a filter and backwashing status indicating device and an automatic near-exhaust device, which can improve the backwashing effect of the filter element while avoiding damage by water hammer.

    Disk Filter Figure 01.png

    Filter works:
    1. In the working state, the incoming water enters the filter unit along the tangent line from the water inlet on the side. The incoming water pressure in the cavity drives the diaphragm device on the upper part of the housing and drives the ejector lever to press the disc group. The disc group is compacted to form a dense filter core. After the impurities in the water are intercepted by the filter element, the outlet water passes through the duckbill valve in the center of the filter element to the lower outlet.
    As the diaphragm was pressed down, the red indicator cap on the upper part of the housing fell into the groove.

    Disk Filter Figure 02.png

    2. In the backwash state, when the filter unit is backwashed, the side water inlet becomes a drain, and the diaphragm device loses the previous downforce. At this time, the backwash water enters from the lower water outlet. Due to the role of the duckbill valve, The backwash water can only open the filter element pressing cap and the diaphragm device upward through four conduits with nozzles, loosen the disc group, and spray out along the tangent line to rotate the disc, and the solids trapped on the disc are washed out.
    Because the diaphragm device is lifted up, the red indicator cap on the upper part of the casing is pushed out, and it is easy to see and judge the condition inside the filter element from the outside. During backwashing, the automatic exhaust valve on the top will open automatically, and air can enter the cavity, which helps to improve the spray cleaning effect.

    Disc filter

    Design selection:
    1. Classification of raw water quality:
    A. Excellent water quality: city tap water, well water drawn from stable aquifers;
    B. General water quality: circulating cooling water, surface water treated by precipitation, and fully biologically treated drainage after effective sedimentation;
    C. Poor water quality: groundwater extracted from aquifers with very poor water quality, the surface water that has been effectively precipitated but has not been treated with little or no biological treatment, and there is a large number of microorganisms breeding;
    D. Poor water quality: well water drawn from very dirty or iron-manganese-rich wells, surface water affected by floods and unsediment, drainage without sedimentation and biological treatment.
    The quality of different incoming water has a great influence on the operating cycle of the filter. Usually, when the system is selected, the backwash interval of the system should not be less than 1 hour.
    2. Filtration accuracy selection:
    Selecting the filter filtration accuracy, that is, the disc, is of great significance to ensure the role of the disc filter in the entire water system. Only a reasonable selection can meet the subsequent water quality requirements. The following table is the recommended filtering accuracy for common centralized filtering applications.

    Application of filtration system Select filtering precision
    High-quality water pretreatment 20μ
    Pre-treatment of drinking water, water for various production processes, nozzle protection 50μ
    Circulating water transition, pre-filtration for water treatment 100μ
    Reclaimed water treatment, wastewater treatment 200μ

    The quality of raw water, the accuracy required after filtration, and the hourly water production are the basis for choosing our filtration system.

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