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    Activated carbon filter equipment

    Activated carbon filter equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Activated carbon filter
    Model: zl-glq002
    Principle: Pressurized filtration Use: Adsorb residual chlorine odor, etc. Style: Vertical performance: High-efficiency filtration Applicable object: Water Applicable object nature: Weak corrosive filter material type: Activated carbon filter type: Tube body material: Stainless steel Application range: Water Processing filtration speed: 8-10m / h
    Turbidity of water: ≤5mg / l
    Working temperature: normal temperature
    Working pressure: ≤0.6Mpa
    Backwash compressed air volume: 8-15l / m2.s
    Filter layer height: 1000-1200mm
    Backwash strength: 4-12l / m2.s
    Backwash time: 4-6 minutes

    Activated carbon filters use adsorption methods to effectively remove organic odors, colloids, and residual chlorine, and reduce the color of water. They are widely used in water purification in factories and towns, as well as in reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and ion exchange systems. Pretreatment process section and improve the water quality of various types of deep purification equipment .
    Filter tank can choose glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel.
    Filter control mode can choose manual valve group and automatic control.

    Activated carbon filter

    Activated carbon filter

    Activated carbon is currently the most widely used adsorbent. It has micropores of various shapes in the middle of its lattice structure, forming a unique multi-porous structure, which constitutes a huge adsorption area, so its adsorption capacity is particularly strong. Activated carbon is made of coal, charcoal, fruit kernels, and shells, etc., and is made by high-temperature carbonization and activation treatment. It has a large specific surface area (800-2000m2 per gram of activated carbon). Therefore, activated carbon has extremely high adsorption capacity. When activated carbon is used for dechlorination, hypochlorous acid is adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon and decomposed into hydrogen chloride and atomic oxygen. Atomic oxygen and carbon atoms quickly change from the adsorbed state to the combined state (carbon oxide). Therefore, there is no problem of adsorption saturation in the dechlorination of activated carbon, only a small amount of carbon is lost. So activated carbon dechlorination can run for a long time. Activated carbon can not only dechlorinate, but also filter out suspended matter, humic acid, colloids, heavy metals, and odors remaining in tap water. Activated carbon regeneration usually adopts thermal regeneration method, that is, activated carbon decomposes organic matter adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon into carbon dioxide and water at a high temperature of 500-1000 C; it can also be washed with high pressure steam or with hydrogen Soaked in sodium solution to regenerate.
    Scope of application:
    Centralized water supply purification treatment in living quarters and communities;
    Purification treatment of self-provided wells in towns and groups;
    Commercial water supply for commercial buildings, restaurants, apartments, villas, etc .;
    Food, beverage, laundry, chemical, refrigeration and other production water;
    Pretreatment of water treatment equipment such as reverse osmosis.

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