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Sewage treatment equipment> Zl-ylws001 beverage wastewater treatment equipment

Zl-ylws001 beverage wastewater treatment equipment
Source: sewage treatment equipment Author: Zhonglan Release time: 2015-09-12

In recent years, the development of beverage industry is very fast in our country, its consumption and per capita is the growth rate of more than 20%, the beverage industry is developing rapidly, at the same time, also brought some environmental pollution problems, because of the beverage industry wastewater treatment technology is increasing.
Based on years of experience, my company to the tireless efforts of designers and engineers, and designed a complete set of beverage wastewater treatment solutions, can make the water quality of water factory standards, energy conservation and emissions reduction, recycling economy, efficient and environmental protection, solve pollution and reduce the production cost for enterprises to provide the best service.
Equipment parameters:
Name: beverage wastewater treatment equipment
Model: zl-ylws001
Specification: according to customer requirements for processing and manufacturing.

Sewage-basin-JQFS gas floatation processing equipment-CFEN series micro electrolysis equipment-JUICL UASB anaerobic biological treatment, GMBRW aerobic biological MBR membrane bioreactor, discharging standard
Equipment characteristics:
1.Automatic control;
2.Simple operation, convenient maintenance;
3.Low noise, exhaust gas gathering process;
4.Long service life;

Scope of application:
Juice processing wastewater, vegetable juice processing sewage, cola drinks, milk, yogurt sewage processing wastewater, dairy products, fruit processing wastewater squeeze type of wastewater sewage, canned fruit, sewage, etc.


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