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Food wastewater reuse zl-spws001
Source: water treatment technology center Author: Zhonglan Release time: 2015-09-12

Food industrial raw material widely, there are many different kinds of products, the effluent water quantity, water quality difference is very big. (1) are main pollutants in waste water floating solids in the wastewater, such as vegetable, fruit, meat and poultry feathers, etc .; (2) the suspended substance in waste water with oil, protein, starch, colloidal substance, etc .; (3) dissolved in wastewater of acid, alkali, salt, sugar, etc. (4) raw material with mud, sand and other organic matter, etc .; (5) pathogens poison, etc. Food industry wastewater is characterized by high organic matter and suspended solids content, easy to corruption, there is no greater toxicity. The harm is mainly the eutrophication of water bodies, so that the cause of aquatic animals and fish, prompting subaqueous sedimentary organic produce odor, deteriorating water quality, the environmental pollution. After processing, to discharge, no doubt, waste of water resources, as a result, food wastewater reuse is around th e corner!
As is known to all, the food industry is heavy and heavy emitters. Food companies generally have the perfect sewage treatment system, sewage treatment after the effluent of primary or secondary emission standards, but because of the growing scarcity of water resources and serious pollution, both from the perspective of enterprise cost and the development of social environmental protection requirements, food wastewater after advanced treatment reuse is very necessary. Based on years of experience, my company to the tireless efforts of designers and engineers, in food wastewater reuse technology, the design of a complete set of food waste recycling solution, can make the standard back to the water quality of the factory in the use of water, energy conservation and emissions reduction, recycling economy, efficient and environmental protection, solve pollution and reduce the production cost for enterprises to provide the best service.

Equipment parameters:
Name: food waste water recycling equipment
Model: zl-spws001
Sewage quantity: 0.25-50 (m3 / h)
Ozone dosage: 100 (g / h)
Air quantity: 100 (m3 / min)
Air tank capacity: 100 (m3)
Flow meter specification: 100-200 (m3 / h)
Outlet pipe diameter: 110 (mm)
Inlet pipe diameter: 120 (mm)
Dimension: 1000 * 5000 * 5000 (cm)
Aerator power: 50 (kw)
Pump power: 75 (kw)
Processing custom:

The main advantages:
Wastewater by 80%-80% recycling food waste water.
Discharge water level secondary emission standard by environmental regulations.
Process water is more stable and better water quality
The recycling water quality stable under 100 us / cm.
Lower operating costs (tap water cost, environment maintenance cost reduction)
Save a lot of water and environmental resources optimization
Has the good economic efficiency, recycling initial investment cost 1 to 2 years.
In the industrial zone, limit water or water can guarantee the normal production of the factory
Corporate expansion without compatibilizing emissions or water supply
Automatic continuous or mechanical operation is suitable for large flow of waste water recycling.
Recycled water can supply water system or recycle directly to the production line.
The system long life low failure rate, convenient maintenance.
Use scope:
Food industry water reuse can be applied to hotels, restaurants, residential community, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, factory area, forces and other units of labor and green land, cleaning the health, flushing road station, station, library, landscape water, water supply, fire water cooling circulation water supplement water, blunt car, such as rational utilization of water resources, save water!

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