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    Textile wastewater treatment equipment

    Textile wastewater treatment equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Textile wastewater treatment equipment
    Model: zl-fzws001
    Amount of sewage treated: 1-50 (m3 / h)
    Air volume: 0.5-15 (m3 / min)
    Flowmeter specifications: 1-50 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: Φ50-150 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: Φ50-150 (mm)
    Dimensions: Customizable aerator power: 1-15 (kw)

    Textile wastewater is mainly wastewater containing organic impurities such as natural impurities, fats and starch produced during raw material cooking, rinsing, bleaching and sizing. With the development of textile technology, in recent years, on the traditional water-based dyeing system, a solvent dyeing technology system using an organic solvent as a medium has been established, and a gas-phase dyeing using dye sublimation to become a gas. Because the solvent dyeing method is dry matter dyeing, the dyeing matter is still dry, and many post-processing steps are omitted. These printing and dyeing methods can minimize the discharge of waste liquid and avoid serious pollution of the water environment by the textile printing and dyeing industry.

    Textile wastewater treatment equipmentTextile wastewater treatment equipment

    Textile wastewater treatment equipment

    Overview of the status quo:
    1. Textile wastewater has the characteristics of large amount of water, high content of organic pollutants, large alkalinity, and large changes in water quality. It is one of the industrial wastewater that is difficult to treat. The wastewater contains dyes, slurry, additives, oil agents, acids, alkalis, Fiber impurities, sandy substances, inorganic salts, etc. 2. Due to the complex water quality of textile wastewater, pollutants can be divided into two categories according to their source: one is the entrainment from the fiber raw material itself; the other is the slurry used in the processing process , Oils, dyes, chemical additives, etc.
    3. Membrane separation technology is a new efficient and environmentally friendly separation technology. In recent years, with the continuous development and progress of membrane separation technology in China, modern high-tech membrane separation technologies (mainly ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reaction (Penetration technology) has been widely used in the textile industry and has produced good economic and social benefits, bringing new opportunities for technological innovation in the textile industry.
    的主要方法有物化法、生化法、化学法以及几种工艺结合的处理方法,而废水处理中的预处理主要是为了改善废水水质,去除悬浮物及可直接沉降的杂质,调节废水水质及水量、降低废水温度等,提高废水处理的整体效果,确保整个处理系统的稳定性,因此预处理在纺织污水处理中具有极其重要的地位。 4. At present, the main methods used for textile wastewater treatment are physical and chemical methods, biochemical methods, chemical methods, and a combination of several processes. The pretreatment in wastewater treatment is mainly to improve the quality of wastewater, remove suspended matter and directly settle. Impurities, adjust the water quality and quantity of wastewater, reduce the temperature of wastewater, etc., improve the overall effect of wastewater treatment, and ensure the stability of the entire treatment system, so pretreatment has an extremely important position in textile wastewater treatment.

    Textile wastewater treatment equipment

    Textile wastewater treatment equipment

    Process introduction:
    During the processing of textiles, a large variety of chemicals need to be added. The pollutants in washing water are mainly dirt on the fabric, salts, oils, lipids, and various pulps, dyes, and surface activities added during processing Agents, auxiliaries, acids, alkalis, etc. The characteristics of wastewater are: large changes in pH value; high BOD and COD values; dark and large changes in wastewater color; large changes in water quality and quantity.
    Process flow:
    Wastewater → pretreatment → collection → physical and chemical treatment → biochemical treatment → sediment discharge

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