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  • Printed circuit board wastewater treatment and reuse equipment zl-yzxlb001

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    Circuit board wastewater treatment equipment

    Wastewater treatment and reuse equipment for printed circuit boards

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: printed circuit board wastewater treatment and reuse equipment
    Model: zl-yzxlb001
    Amount of sewage treated: 10 (m3 / h)
    Ozone dosage: 54.3 (g / h)
    Air volume: 100 (m3 / min)
    Air tank capacity: 100 * 1200 * 50 (m3)
    Flowmeter specifications: 225 * 1200 * 50 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 120 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 80 (mm)
    Dimensions: 100 (cm)
    Aerator power: 25 (kw)

    Brief description:
    In the production process of the circuit board factory, the main pollutants are acid, alkali, Cu, SS, and COD. In order to recycle the discharged cleaning wastewater, save water resources, and obtain certain economic benefits, to achieve a win-win purpose of "development and development" and "environment protection", printed circuit board wastewater contains copper, nickel, lead, tin and other heavy metal ions, Pollutants such as high molecular organics and complexing agents, their heavy metal ions, COD, SS, PH, etc. all exceed the standard. There are many types of circuit board wastewater, and the pollution components are complex. If reasonable and effective treatment is not taken to stabilize the wastewater, it will cause serious pollution to the environment. 。 According to the characteristics of circuit board wastewater, the company has developed a leading domestic wastewater treatment process after a lot of research, test analysis and engineering practice. The main idea of this process is to collect waste water separately and adopt different treatment methods.
    The effluent treated by this system is up to standard discharge and basically meets the requirements for reuse. The system flow is smooth, the layout is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the automatic control is applied, the operation is convenient, and the operation is reliable. The pool body adopts a unique integrated structure, which has a small footprint and saves cost.

    Reuse treatment of printed circuit board wastewater

    Wastewater treatment and reuse equipment for printed circuit boards

    Wastewater characteristics:
    The PCB process is long, the system has many control nodes, and the characteristics of various wastewaters are different. The wastewater is highly abrupt. It is mainly polluted by heavy metal copper ions and COD. The types of wastewater are complex and the pH changes greatly. Circuit board factory wastewater is divided into: ordinary copper-containing wastewater, ink wastewater, complexed copper wastewater, electroplating wastewater, and cleaning tank / plating tank inverted tank water.
    Processing analysis:
    The wastewater from the production workshop is separately introduced into each mixing tank, and then treated by reduction or oil-water separation. After precipitation, it is filtered through pretreatment such as microfilters, ultrafilters and nanofilters, and then passed through a secondary reverse osmosis system. Electrical conductivity is less than 20μs / cm2, which can be reused in the workshop for production water; after the dewatering of the sludge in the sedimentation tank, it is entrusted to a qualified environmental protection company for treatment; .
    Comprehensive acid-alkali wastewater and complex wastewater are recovered through advanced reuse systems. The quality of recycled water is better than that of municipal water. It can be reused directly to the production line for general cleaning water, or for pure water system to make DI water.
    Triple permeation membrane technology (namely ultrafiltration and high anti-fouling system and purification system) can effectively control the blocking problem of reverse osmosis membrane.
    Reduce the frequency of reverse osmosis membrane cleaning, extend membrane life, and reduce the cost of water recovery.
    Strict turbidity and shunting is the key to the success of the system. The key components of the system are composed of high-quality imported equipment and a unique system developed and designed by ourselves to ensure that the system can operate stably for a long time.
    System advantages:
    1. The quality of the recycled water is good.
    2. High degree of automation and stable effluent quality.
    3. The energy-saving special process is adopted, and the running cost is far lower than the sewage charge and water withdrawal fee, and the enterprise investment is quickly recovered.
    4. Moderate one-time investment and small footprint.
    Process flow:
    Heavy metal wastewater ------- collection ------ reaction ------ precipitation ------ callback mixed discharge metal complex wastewater ------- collection- ----- Reaction ------ Precipitation -------- Recall mixed discharge of organic cleaning water --------- Collection ---- (A / O) n biochemical treatment- ------- callback mixed discharge of organic concentrated waste liquid --------- collection ----- pretreatment ----- biochemical treatmentThe above process can ensure that the effluent after treatment is stable and up to standard discharge , Basically meet the requirements of reused water. The system flow is smooth, the layout is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the automatic control is applied, the operation is convenient, and the operation is reliable. The pool body adopts a unique integrated structure, which has a small footprint and saves cost.

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