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Zl-ddws002 electroplating waste water recycling equipment
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Electroplating industry is an important industry in our country, its products are widely used in various industries, and electroplating industry is one of the three major pollution industry in China today, the production process of a large number of heavy metals such as nickel, chromium waste water bring serious pollution to the environment.According to the statistics, at present our country electroplating enterprises has reached more than 20000, the waste water discharge into the environment as much as 400 million tons a year. With the implementation of the national sustainable development macroscopic policy, and due to sustained economic growth, the shortage of water resources water price rising, for electroplating enterprises to seek a new technology to meet the requirements of national environmental protection policy, new technology, to realize the electroplating waste water recycling.
Due to the unique stability of the membrane material and highly selective, and function structure of membrane element, henan in the blue water treatment engineering co., LTD. Products are especially suitable for extreme separation process under the condition of the task. In addition to the separation of the chemical industry and strong corrosive process fluids, metal processing industry are increasingly using membrane separation method. Rinse water, and from chemical synthesis and high-quality steel pickling, electroplating process all kinds of dirt in acid and alkaline solutions can be purification of membrane separation method is reliable, low cost, and reused without any problem.
Equipment parameters:
Product name: electroplating waste water recycling equipment
Note: the model can manufacture according to customer demand
Technological process:
Raw water-dosing systems-booster pump to quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter-dosing systems-the security filter-> UF system to PH adjustment to UF water tank, high-pressure pump, reverse osmosis system-RO water tank-> UV -water points
Water quality:
The processed water reach the standard electroplating water, see the table below:

Equipment characteristics:
1.Has the good economic efficiency, 1-3 years at the beginning of recycled set cost.
2.The waste water recovery rate of 75%-90%.
3.The recycling water quality stable below 200 us / cm.
4.Wastewater recycling costs can drop to about RMB RMB 2 yuan per ton.
5.In the industrial water, can use this recycling equipment to ensure production.
6.The manufacturer to expand production, do not need to increase emissions and wastewater treatment equipment.
7.Automatic continuous system is suitable for large flow of waste water recycling.
8.Recycled water can supply water system or recycle directly to the production line.

Scope of application:
Widely used in metal recycling, printed circuit board, printing and dyeing, liquid crystal display (LCD), food, paper, electronics and semiconductors, tanning waste water treatment, electric power, chemical and other production equipment, electroplating wastewater reuse, cleaning water recycling use and sewage treatment products recycling equipment, etc.

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