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    Electroplating wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Electroplating wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Brief description of equipment:
    The main source of zinc in electroplating and metal processing industry wastewater is electroplating or pickling tow fluid. Contaminants are transferred to the rinsing water after the metal rinsing process. The pickling process involves immersing the metal (zinc or copper) in a strong acid to remove surface oxides, and then immersing it in a brightener containing strong chromic acid to perform a brightening treatment. The wastewater contains a large amount of hydrochloric acid, heavy metal ions such as zinc and copper, and organic brighteners, which are relatively toxic. Some of them also contain carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic highly toxic substances, which are extremely harmful to humans. Therefore, the electroplating wastewater must be carefully recycled to eliminate or reduce its environmental pollution.
    由调节池、加药箱、还原池、中和反应池、pH调节池、絮凝池、斜管沉淀池、厢式压滤机、清水池、气浮反应,活性炭过滤器等组成。 Electroplating wastewater treatment equipment consists of adjusting tank, dosing tank, reduction tank, neutralization reaction tank, pH adjusting tank, flocculation tank, inclined tube sedimentation tank, box filter, clear water tank, air flotation reaction, activated carbon filter .

    Electroplating wastewater reuse treatment equipment

    Electroplating wastewater reuse treatment equipment

    Process description:
    The passivation concentrate is input into the reduction tank with a lift pump, and the sulfuric acid solution is added to the reduction tank through a metering pump, so that the pH value of the reduction tank reaches 2-3, and then the reducing agent sulfurous acid is added to the reduction tank through a metering pump. Valence chromium is reduced to trivalent chromium. After the passivation solution and pre-treatment of the reduction treatment, the galvanized and nickel-plated washing water enters the large adjustment tank, and the various wastewaters are fully homogenized in the adjustment tank and then lifted to the reaction tank 1 by the lift pump, and passed the metering pump Enter CaCl2 to destroy the complex of Zn2 +, enter NaOH through the metering pump in reaction cell 2 and adjust the pH value in the range of 9-11, then the wastewater flows into reaction tank 3, enter the coagulant PAM through the metering pump and enter In the inclined plate sedimentation tank, the metal hydroxide forms sludge and sinks into the sludge hopper, and the supernatant flows into the neutralization tank for acid-base adjustment, adjusts the pH value back to the range of 6-9, and then discharges. The sludge in the sloping plate sedimentation tank is regularly discharged to the sludge tank, processed into a mud cake with a box filter, and transported to the deep burial. The sludge water is returned to the adjustment tank.

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