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  • Car washing wastewater treatment equipment zl-xcws001

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    Car washing sewage treatment equipment

    Car washing wastewater treatment equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Car washing wastewater treatment equipment
    Model: zl-xcws001
    Amount of sewage treated: 2 (m3 / h)
    Flowmeter specifications: 1-500 (m3 / h)
    Outlet pipe diameter: 32 (mm)
    Inlet pipe diameter: 32 (mm)
    Water pump power: 0.56 (kw)

    The car washing plant has advanced water cycle equipment design, energy saving and high efficiency, reliable operation, low processing cost, and water saving can be around 70% to 85%, which greatly reduces the cost of the car washing industry. Car wash water standards required by the Ministry of Construction Standard CJ / T48-1999) (COD≤25, BOD5≤10, SS≤10, turbidity ≤10, PH value = 6.5 ~ 9, color ≤40) , Beautifying the city and saving water play an inestimable role.
    Performance characteristics:
    Water circulation purification treatment system specially designed for purification and reuse of car washing wastewater in various car washing yards. This system can recycle and reuse the sewage after car washing, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection, saving water and money. This equipment adopts integrated biophysical technology, exquisite design, elegant appearance, full automation, good effluent water quality and excellent performance.
    Small pools: suitable for new and old car wash beauty shops, especially suitable for cities with difficulty in digging large pools;
    No medicament: the commonly used medicaments are usually oxidizing, which will hurt the car paint, avoid secondary pollution, and save the cost of medicaments;
    No odor: Advanced water treatment technology can ensure that the circulating water is absolutely odorless;
    Fully automated: no manual operation required, fools run around the clock.
    Rainwater collection: optional, truly achieve the purpose of water saving and environmental protection, and benefit future generations.
    Wastewater treatment capacity: 1 ton / hour to 20 ton / hour Applicable places: car wash shops, car beauty maintenance centers, (large, medium, small) car wash yards, auto repair plants, gas stations, bus companies, troops, communities, bathing Reclaimed water treatment in the field 1. High sewage recovery rate, which can reach 85% -95%, which truly achieves the purpose of circulating water equipment recycling;
    2. The quality of the circulating water is clear and transparent, colorless and odorless, and it can be used for a long time after being filled with water once.
    3. Low operation and maintenance costs, no need to add coagulant;
    4. The equipment covers a small area, saves space and is easy to move;
    5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance, suitable for many computers and manual car wash rooms;
    6. The product model is complete, the price is reasonable, and the quality is guaranteed. Compared with the conventional car washing wastewater treatment equipment, the circulating water equipment has odors and turbid water after the conventional circulating water equipment. The coagulant needs to be added during operation, and the filter element must be replaced frequently , The operation is complicated, the cost per ton of car wash water is more than 3 yuan, the circulating water use time is short, and the service life of the whole machine is less than 3 years; It uses electricity and is easy to operate. It only needs 1-2 yuan per ton of car wash water, the cycle of circulating water is long, and the life of the whole machine can reach more than 10 years.

    Car washing sewage treatment equipment

    Car washing sewage treatment equipment

    The company's latest computer and ordinary car washing machine circulating water equipment are the world's leading, the only new domestic patented product developed on the basis of biochemical theory without adding medicine to remove foam. It is the most ideal replacement of computer car washing machine circulating water. product. Microcomputer full automatic control, never change water, do not add medicine, no filter material, water is odorless, no foam, automatic cleaning, automatic drainage, maintenance-free, water-saving rate of more than 95%, environmental protection and zero emissions, the equipment is fully closed operation , The failure rate is close to zero, once a failure occurs, you can alarm from a distance. The quality of the effluent water fully meets the national standard for reclaimed water. Placing the device in the ground not only saves the effective area on the ground, but also solves the problem of thermal insulation in winter. Installation of this equipment requires only 5% water fee, and enjoy 30 years of free high-priced water, and the total life of the equipment is 30 years. By using our company's circulating water equipment, there is no need to use reclaimed water, which saves the reclaimed water fee and the cost of the storage tank, and also saves the area on the ground. The annual price of water can be saved by more than RMB 150,000. Calculated according to the price of tap water, the water cost saved in more than a month can recover all the investment in the equipment, and the highly automated operation is the best choice to open various car wash factories.

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