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    Tannery wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Tannery wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    http://euhowblog.comOverview: ( Sewage treatment equipment http://euhowblog.com )
    The characteristics of the waste water discharged from the tanning process vary depending on the raw materials. Most of the wastewater from the tanning industry comes from the two stages of preparation and tanning, which are mainly carried out in aqueous solution, and the waste liquid is continuously or intermittently discharged.
    The waste water discharged during the preparation stage is strongly alkaline, mainly liming, depilation, and waste water. About 60% of the total waste water contains high concentrations of chlorides, sulfides, preservatives, oils, proteins and suspended matter. The wastewater discharged from the tanning section is weakly acidic chromium-containing wastewater, chemical additives and dyes. The content of salt in the chromium quenching liquid is as high as 4000mg / 1, and the amount of water is about 30 of the total wastewater.
    Tannery mixed wastewater is alkaline, toxic, has high content of non-degradable substances, appearance is polluted, and the smell is unpleasant. It must have a certain ability to adapt to changes in water volume and water quality load during design.
    As we all know, the tanning industry is a big user of water and a big pollutant. Tannery companies generally have a complete sewage treatment system. After the sewage treatment, the effluent reaches the first or second level of discharge standards. It is necessary to reuse leather wastewater after further treatment. Based on many years of experience in the industry and the unremitting efforts of designers and engineers, our company has designed a complete set of printing and dyeing wastewater reuse solutions in terms of tannery wastewater reuse technology. Economical, efficient and environmentally friendly, providing the best services for enterprises to solve pollution discharge and reduce production costs.
    According to the current status of China's tanning enterprises, the state's industry requirements for the tanning industry (GB8978-1996 allows a maximum drainage capacity of 60 m3 per ton of raw leather) [2], tanning wastewater discharge standards, and comprehensive water resource utilization and clean production requirements , Practically improve the control measures and management levels, improve the tannery wastewater technology, and enable enterprises to achieve sustainable development from both environmental and economic benefits.
    Device parameters:
    Product name: Tannery wastewater treatment and reuse equipment
    Note: Models can be manufactured according to customer needs
    Process flow:

    Tannery wastewater reuse process diagram

    In this treatment process, chromium-containing wastewater is still treated separately, and the treatment process is unchanged. The sulfur-containing wastewater is mixed with other comprehensive wastewater for treatment. 系统进水负荷稳定,在调节池中增加曝气搅拌可大大提高后续处理系统对污水中BOD、SS 及硫化物的处理效果。 This solution has a single source of wastewater, which reduces the mixed discharge of wastewater in each section, and stabilizes the influent load of the integrated wastewater treatment system. Increasing aeration and agitation in the adjustment tank can greatly improve the subsequent treatment system's effect on BOD, SS, and sulfide in the wastewater. Processing effect. The aeration system is combined with the aeration system of the SBR reaction tank, so it does not increase the energy consumption of the entire system. The SBR biological treatment system can be operated intermittently, and the sludge activity recovers quickly when restarted after three months of production stoppage. It has a better treatment effect on NH3-N in sewage and has a strong impact load resistance. The quality of the effluent water after treatment is better than other processes. Significantly improved. 中的二沉池,再经过滤、消毒系统使出水能达到回用。 The SBR biological treatment system saves the separate treatment system for sulfur-containing wastewater and the secondary sedimentation tank in the original comprehensive wastewater treatment process , and then the effluent can be reused through the filtration and disinfection system.

    Tannery wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Tannery wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Equipment advantages:
    The wastewater treatment process can not only effectively treat the tannery wastewater, but also recover a large amount of useful substances in the wastewater. It has the advantages of good treatment effect, energy saving and emission reduction, and economic benefits.

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