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  • Multi-media filter zl-glq001

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    Multi-media filter

    Multi-media filter

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Multi-media filter
    Model: zl-glq001
    Principle: Pressure filtration Use: Solid-liquid separation Style: Barrel performance: High-efficiency filtration Applicable object: Water Applicable object nature: Corrosive, weakly corrosive, low-temperature material Filter material type: quartz sand, anthracite, manganese sand : Tubular body material: Stainless steel Scope of application: Water treatment, chemical, petroleum, automotive, light industry, pharmaceutical, dye, metallurgy, beneficiation, food, plating effective filtration area: 3 (m2)
    Dimensions: 3000 4300 (mm)
    Equipment weight: 4000 (Kg)

    Filter description

    Multi-media filter

    Equipment overview:
    Multi-media filter (also known as mechanical filter) is a typical multi-media filter with layered anthracite, sand, fine garnet or other materials as the bottom layer. The multi-media filter is a process in which one or more filter media is used to pass high-turbidity water through a certain height of granular or non-granular materials under a certain pressure, thereby effectively removing the suspension acrobatics to clarify the water. Commonly used The filter materials include quartz sand, anthracite, and manganese sand. They are mainly used in water treatment to remove turbidity, softened water, and pre-treatment of pure water. The turbidity of the effluent can reach below 3 degrees.

    Multi-media filterMulti-media filter

    Multi-media filter

    1. Filtration of industrial water-there are certain system requirements for water quality. Such as: filtration of steel plant oxidation water, boiler, heat exchanger water supply, etc., can filter out acrobatics in the water to avoid blockage of pipes and nozzles.
    2. Filtration system for industrial circulating water.
    3. Treatment of raw water-it can filter surface river water, lake water, seawater, reservoir water, well water, and urban district water supply with urban tap water as the water source to remove sand, suspended matter, algae, organic matter, etc.
    4. Agricultural irrigation-especially suitable for high-flow, high-impurity water sources, such as irrigation of farmland water, irrigation of lawns in parks and golf courses.
    5. Food processing industry water, paper industry, circulating water treatment in the electrical industry, etc., industrial and medical pure water pretreatment. Recycling of industrial production water, industrial wastewater treatment.
    6. Aquaculture, swimming and water park industries.

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