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    Papermaking wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Papermaking wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    The paper industry is both a large water pollution user and a large water user. According to incomplete statistics, its wastewater discharge amounted to more than 2 billion tons, accounting for more than 11% of the country's industrial wastewater discharge, and COD emissions amounted to more than 3 million tons, accounting for 42% of the country's COD emissions, ranking first. Bit. In recent years, due to the scarcity of water resources and the continuous economic growth, the price of water resources has continued to increase and faced with severe forms of environmental pollution. New technologies and technologies required to realize the recycling of papermaking wastewater.
    Henan Zhonglan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. designed and developed a comprehensive papermaking wastewater discharge reuse system in response to this demand of papermaking enterprises. By further processing the papermaking comprehensive wastewater discharged after reaching the standard after being treated by traditional methods, and according to the different water requirements of customers Provide recycled water of different water quality standards. This system can effectively reduce wastewater discharge and achieve good environmental benefits; on the other hand, it saves a lot of water resources, reduces production costs, and achieves good economic benefits.
    造纸废水处理回用设备 Product name: Papermaking wastewater treatment and reuse equipment
    可根据客户需求,进行制造 Product specifications: can be manufactured according to customer needs
    Custom processing: Yes
    :工业中水回用 Product Category : Industrial Reclaimed Water Reuse
    1.该系统采用选进的特殊膜分离新技术,工艺简单,运行稳定可靠,处理效率高; 2.该系统占地面积小,设备配置经济合理,投资少,运行费用低; Features of the equipment: 1. The system adopts selected new membrane separation technology, with simple process, stable and reliable operation, and high processing efficiency; 2. The system has a small footprint, economical and reasonable equipment configuration, low investment, and low operating costs;
    :适用于造纸、制革、电子等行业废水处理回用 Scope of application : suitable for wastewater treatment and reuse in papermaking, tanning, electronics and other industries

    Papermaking wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    Papermaking wastewater treatment and reuse equipment

    This system uses advanced Etica membrane separation technology. This technology can effectively solve problems such as easy membrane clogging and ensure long-term stable operation of the system. The total recovery rate of the papermaking comprehensive discharge wastewater reuse system is greater than 60%, and the wastewater is recycled through the wastewater recovery system, which can save more than 60% of wastewater discharge costs. This system can not only effectively save limited water resources, thereby reducing the consumption of water resources, alleviating the increasingly prominent water tension and contradiction, but also reducing sewage discharge, reducing pollution to surrounding water bodies, and improving the human living environment.
    This system is a cost-effective, easy-to-operate, and very stable system with low production water running costs, which is far below the price of municipal tap water in many areas of China.
    Flow chart:
    The schematic diagram of the process flow of the papermaking comprehensive discharge wastewater before reuse and after reuse is as follows:

    Papermaking wastewater reuse process.png

    Introduction of main devices:
    Modified RO membrane filter device: According to the different water quality requirements of different processes in the papermaking production process, and processes with higher water requirements, the modified RO membrane filter device can be used for further deep purification treatment of micro- or ultra-filtration water . RO membrane separation technology is a new membrane separation technology developed in the 1960s. It is a process that relies on the separation membrane to separate the solvent and solute in the solution under pressure. Compared with conventional pure water RO membrane, the modified RO separation membrane has stronger anti-pollution ability. The modified RO membrane filter device is the heart of the system. After treated by the modified RO membrane separation and recovery device, the effluent can remove most of the inorganic salts, organic matter, microorganisms and bacteria, etc., and can reach the "Water Quality of Urban Wastewater Recycling and Industrial Use" Claim. The rationality of the system design is directly related to the investment cost of the project and the future operating costs.

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