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    Source: Wastewater treatment and reuse of equipment: the blue green time: 2015-08-31 11:47:52 Views: Times

    Circuit board water reuse equipment

    Wastewater treatment equipment for printed circuit boards

    线路板中水回用设备 Product name: Circuit board water reuse equipment
    可根据客户需求,进行制造 Product specifications: can be manufactured according to customer needs
    Custom processing: Yes
    工业中水回用 Product Category: Industrial Reclaimed Water Reuse

    1. This system adopts selected new special membrane separation technology, with simple process, stable and reliable operation and high processing efficiency; 2. The system has a small footprint, economical and reasonable equipment configuration, low investment and low operating costs;
    Scope of application:

    It is suitable for the treatment and reuse of electroplating wastewater in circuit boards, automobiles and home appliances.

    Circuit board water reuse equipment

    Water reuse equipment for printed circuit boards

    Detailed introduction
    The circuit board wastewater is discharged after treatment to meet the standards, and then further treatment is performed to convert the discharged middle water resources to save water resources and obtain certain economic benefits, achieving the win-win purpose of "development and development" and "protecting the environment". Self-developed and designed, manufactured circuit board wastewater reuse water equipment, and reused circuit board cleaning wastewater. Waste water that cannot be reused was discharged after treatment.
    Process flow
    Each wastewater in the production workshop is separately introduced into each mixing tank, and treated by reduction or oil-water separation. After precipitation, it is filtered through pre-treatment such as micro-filter, ultra-filter, nano-filter, etc., and then passed through the secondary reverse osmosis system. The conductivity is less than 20us / cm2, which can be recycled to the workshop for production water; the sludge in the sedimentation tank is dewatered and outsourced; the high COD wastewater and the concentrated water of the first-stage reverse osmosis system are discharged through the wastewater separation system.

    Circuit board water reuse equipment

    Circuit board water reuse equipment

    (1) Recover comprehensive acid-alkali wastewater and complex wastewater through an advanced reuse system.
    (2) The quality of the reused water is better than that of municipal water. It can be reused directly to the production line for general cleaning, or for pure water system to make DI water.
    (3) The use of triple-permeable membrane technology (that is, ultrafiltration and high anti-fouling system and purification system) effectively controls the blockage of reverse osmosis membranes, reduces the frequency of cleaning of reverse osmosis membranes, extends the life of membranes, and reduces water recovery. cost.
    (4) The reuse system is centrally controlled by the PLC to optimize processing efficiency and reduce human error.
    (5) The circuit board water reuse equipment system is equipped with an automatic monitor to ensure that appropriate wastewater is delivered to the reuse system. If the wastewater quality is not normal due to incorrect drainage, the reuse system will suspend the water supply until the water quality returns to normal.
    (6) The key components of the system are composed of high-quality imported equipment and a unique system developed and designed by ourselves to ensure that the system can operate stably for a long time.
    This system can not only effectively save limited water resources, thereby reducing the consumption of water resources, alleviating the increasingly prominent contradiction in water use, but also reducing the discharge of sewage, reducing the pollution of surrounding water bodies, and improving the cost of human waste water recycling Reduced to about RMB 2 yuan per ton. The recovered water can be supplied to the pure water system or directly reused to the production line. It has good economic benefits, and the initial cost can be recovered within 1-3 years.

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