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  • Bagged water production line zl-dzs001

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    Bagged water production equipment

    Bagged water production line

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: bagged water production line
    Model: zl-dzs001
    Power 3.2 (kw)
    Filling heads 1
    Filling volume 5000-12000 (ml)
    See the description of applicable bottle height (mm)
    See the description of the applicable bottle diameter (mm)
    Filling accuracy 100 (%)
    Packing type bag Power supply voltage: 380V / 220V / 50hz
    Production capacity: 600-800 bags / hour film width: 750mm
    Finished product width: 360mm
    Packing capacity: ≤12.5kg
    Machine weight: 1200kg
    Overall dimensions: 1470mm 1020mm 2100mm

    Automatic bagged water filling machine is an indispensable special equipment for bagged water production line. The main device consists of a frame, a mechanical transmission system, a film feeding and film feeding system, a traction mechanism, a film washing and sterilizing device, an ultraviolet device, a heat seal cutting device, and a filling device. All are made of stainless steel and meet the requirements of food production. Each process is accurately completed by the Japanese Panasonic PLC Control Center through a touch screen using a computer program according to the design requirements. The whole machine has a film deviation automatic adjustment device, a film length measurement adjustment device, a multi-channel sterilization treatment, mechanical and mechanical transmission, no air pump required, low noise, imported electrical appliances, high filling accuracy, unique and sanitary sealing, convenient and reliable operation. Ideal equipment for bagged water production.

    Technical Parameters:



    method of packing

    Automatic forming packaging


    380V / 220V / 50hz

    Work    rate


    Production capacity

    袋/时 600-800 bags / hour

    Film width


    Finished width


    Packing capacity


    Total Weight



    1500mm1030mm 2160mm 1500mm 1030mm

    Equipment functions:
    (1) Material bag forming (2) Ultraviolet sterilization (3) Vertical seam heat sealing (4) Date synthesis (5) Linear traction material bag (6) Quantitative filling (7) Horizontal seam heat sealing (8) Cut material bag 9) Automatic counting

    Bagged water production line

    Bagged water production line

    Care and maintenance
    * When the equipment is stopped, the residual liquid in the pipeline should be flushed with clean water in time, otherwise the quality of the next shift will be affected after the residual liquid deteriorates. If necessary, the infusion plastic tube should be removed and brushed in time. Test the machine and keep it dry and tidy.
    * Check the moving parts and lubrication status regularly in each shift, and add 20 # lubricant or lithium-based grease at any time. Otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the machine.
    * Regular inspections in each shift, clear and clean the foreign matter on the end face of the horizontal heat-sealed copper block, no scaling is allowed, otherwise, it will easily cause the thermal conductivity to drop, the temperature of the copper block will increase, and the horizontal heat-sealed heat-sealed bag will be abnormal.
    * When abnormality is found, the power should be cut off immediately.
    * For winter production, when the temperature is below 0 C, hot water must be used to dissolve the icing materials in the fixed-rate pump and the pipeline, otherwise the connecting rod will be broken or the machine will not start.
    * The thickness of the single plastic film suitable for this machine should be 80 microns, and the tensile strength, thickness uniformity and lubricity of the film should be guaranteed. The weight of each roll should be controlled below (320㎜) 18kg and (240mm) 14kg. The horizontal heat-sealing temperature is below 260 C. If it is not caused by the use of a single piece of plastic film recommended by this machine to cause poor heat-sealing, or the bag breaking rate is increased, the user is responsible for it.
    Packaging method automatic forming packaging

    Note: Mineral water equipment , bottled water production line , bottled water production line and bagged water production line are all pure water equipment . They are produced by Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd., with quality assurance, advanced technology and good reputation.

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