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  • Barreled water production line zl-tzs002

    Source: Bottled Water Production Line Author: Bluestar Time: 2015-08-29 Views: Times

    Barreled water production line

    Barreled water production line

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Barreled Water Production Line
    Model: zl-tzs002
    Power 17 (kw)
    Dimensions 1800 * 6800 * 1800
    Filling heads 4
    Applicable bottle height 350-500 (mm)
    Applicable bottle diameter 40-50 (mm)
    Packaging type barrel working principle atmospheric pressure applicable object mineral water, pure water applicable industry food

    Barreled water production equipment

    The overall use of stainless steel plate, laser cutting, forming in one process.
    The track of the main washing chain of the bucket: adopts high-quality standard 304 stainless steel chain. Teflon gasket is installed under the chain, which has low wear, little water leakage, high speed and convenient installation, and long service life. Transmission power adopts air-driven ratchet structure. The cylinder moves back and forth, and the washing bucket chain drives the five-gallon bucket to a station, which is accurate and stable. The bucket conveying chain plate is cut by laser and has high strength. Five gallon buckets are positioned accurately,
    Bucket washing method According to the bucket washing requirements provided by the demander, the main chain cylinder design is reasonable, the stability is smooth and coordinated, and the maintenance and adjustment are convenient. The inner washing is pressure inner washing, and the spray washing is uniform. The inner wall of the bucket is sprayed with pressure water. The water pressure at each nozzle is above 0.25MPa. The outer spray washing is 1 in each process. A pressure gauge is installed on the flushing pipe and observe the flushing pressure.
    Circulating water tank: removable, each water tank can be removed separately for cleaning; and equipped with visual level tube and low level protection detection; all water tanks must be concave bottom, equipped with drain valve, convenient drainage; all water tanks are set There is a liquid adding hopper, and it is equipped with a double-layer (400 mesh on the first layer and 100 mesh on the second layer) filter that can be cleaned or replaced during work; the filter filters both the circulating water and the added liquid; each water tank has There is a manual stainless steel supplementary water inlet system; the flushing water pipe adopts a detachable structure.
    Alkali water tank and medicine washing water tank: 2.5mm thick 304L stainless steel. The lye tank is equipped with an electric heater, which uses insulation cotton to ensure that the heating temperature can reach 80 C, and is equipped with a temperature control device, which can directly adjust the control and display the temperature of the heating tank (with a metal thermometer); There is a bucket-shaped exhaust device and a 90o stainless steel elbow, which extracts water vapor and ensures the normal airflow direction in the equipment; the position and diameter of the air outlet are appropriate to ensure the extraction effect of hot alkali vapor and disinfectant odor; (Note : Consider the local temperature and design adequate heating elements). Designing the volume of the lye and disinfection solution tanks according to the flow data and process requirements used by the demander is more conducive to the demander to save energy and water consumption, and reduce operating management costs.
    Flushing pump: German Wilo pump. Each flushing water pump is equipped with a pneumatically controlled reversing three-way valve, which automatically controls the washing time of the bucket to ensure that the water pump does not start frequently and does not cause the pump to generate high pressure at zero flow rate, thereby improving the operating conditions of the water pump and increasing its service life. Add butterfly valve to the circulating water tank for easy maintenance;
    Inside the washing machine: Each side of the washing process is equipped with a lighting tube to observe the washing effect. It is also equipped with an air blowing device to blow off the water accumulated in the bottom of the five-gallon bucket to reduce channeling water. In addition, there is a double-layer transparent water curtain between each process, so that the problem of channeling water is basically solved.
    Bucket washing process: 9 stations (can be designed according to the requirements of the buyer): 1 drip dry → 2 45 ℃ -65 ℃ hot alkaline water → 1 reflux water wash → 2 disinfection liquid wash → 2 finished products Water → 1 drip.
    Bucket washing machine outlet method: horizontal barrel out. When exiting the bucket, the cleaned bucket falls horizontally on the flip bucket stand, then flips to stand upright, and then pushes the bucket out to ensure that no drops of water drip into the bottle during the pushing process. There is a UV germicidal lamp at the bucket washing machine. To further ensure a sterile environment after washing the empty bucket.
    Filling / Capping <br /> 阀 Filling valve structure: The filling valve is independently designed by our company, using 304L material, stainless steel precision casting processing, no dead angle mirror treatment. With sealing ring and guide ring to avoid friction between metals, stable and reliable use. The cylinder track filling method, the filling valve moves up and down accurately, reliably and does not malfunction. The mechanism adopts mechanical control, low maintenance cost and convenient, stable operation. Replacing each seal should be convenient, simple and quick.
    Filling principle: Completed with secondary filling. The filling valve is a new type of filling valve. During the filling process, when the detection switch detects a barrel, the flap cylinder moves upward, and the water pneumatic valve is driven at the same time. The filling cylinder moves downward, and the filling valve is opened to start filling. ; When the filling time signal is input to the PLC, the filling water inlet valve is closed, and the small flow continues to be refilled for two seconds. After the filling is completed, the filling cylinder moves upward and the filling valve automatically closes; then the conveyor chain starts, five gallons The barrel is sent to the cap by the conveyor chain. Controlled by the time relay, it achieves accurate liquid level, no water spray, no waste of finished water, and no bottle filling. Optimal filling effect. Filling parameters: filling utilization rate ≥90%, cap loss ≤1%, filling capacity It has reached the standard (within the specified range) with a positive and negative difference of 5mm, and there is no significant difference in the liquid level.
    Capping device: Equipped with a lid storage box and a rotary capping device.
    Gland cover method: Use cylinder type gland. Ensure the tightness of the cover;
    On-site operation: A field operation screen is installed next to the filling machine to realize local control, display the working status of the filling line, and have the function of separate manual control; when a fault occurs, it can display the fault (such as motor, liquid level, etc.) and The cause of the failure is accompanied by audible and visual alarms. At the same time, the system can be selectively closed depending on the alarm level to maximize the protection of equipment safety.

    Note: Mineral water equipment , bottled water production line, bottled water production line and bagged water production line are all pure water equipment . They are produced by Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd., with quality assurance, advanced technology and good reputation.

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