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  • Barreled water production line zl-tzs001

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    Barreled water production line

    Barreled water production line

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Barreled Water Production Line
    Model: zl-tzs001
    Type: Drinking Water Equipment Model: QGF450
    Voltage: 380 (V)
    Power: 5.1 (kw)
    Wine loss: 0.1 (%)
    Filling capacity: 450 (bottles / hour)
    Product use: For producing barreled water. Dimensions: 4940 2100 1950 (mm) (mm)
    Net weight: 2000 (kg)
    Packaging: 304 stainless steel

    Barreled water production lineBarreled water production line

    Barreled water production line

    The automatic barrel water filling production line is suitable for producing large gallons of water with a capacity of 3 gallons and 5 gallons (18.9L). At present, according to market demand, the barrel water production line equipment provided by our company can output 150 barrels / hour, 300 barrels / hour, 450 barrels / hour, 600 barrels / hour, 750 barrels / hour, 900 barrels / hour ~ 2000 Barrels / hour.
    Automatic barrel water filling production line equipment includes: automatic capping machine, empty barrel leak detection device, automatic inner brush barrel machine, automatic outer brush barrel machine, automatic barrel loading device, in / out barrel transportation, barrel water filling Machine, automatic capping machine, on-line bucket lid sterilizer, light inspection equipment, automatic film covering machine, steam shrink film machine, bucket bagging machine, palletizing machine.
    The following briefly describes the components of the barrel water production line:
    Automatic capping machine: The recycled empty barrels usually come from different environments, such as schools, construction sites, office buildings, etc., and their pollution levels are different. For heavily polluted empty barrels, before entering the barreled water production line, artificial air The bucket is cleaned accordingly. Driven by the conveyor chain, the empty bucket enters the automatic capping machine. After the empty bucket signal is in place, the capping head immediately moves down to remove the cap. The wind system is used to blow the cap into the designated position for recycling. Recycling.
    Empty barrel leak detection device: It is used to detect the existence of leaky barrels, mainly by blowing air into the barrel and observing the pressure gauge. Once the pressure drops sharply, it indicates that there is a loophole in the empty barrel. It is necessary to leave this barrel from the barrel water production line to avoid Defective. In the actual production process, the gas consumption is large, and it is generally suitable for large-scale barreled water production. For small-scale barreled water manufacturers, the actual intention is not great.
    Automatic inner brush bucket machine: used to scrub the inner surface of the empty bucket. After the empty bucket enters the internal brush bucket machine, once the number of empty buckets is in place, the clamping device operates to keep the empty bucket stationary. Next, the cylinder Start the action, drive the brush rod slowly down into the empty bucket. After the brush rod is positioned, the motor starts to move, driving the brush rod to rotate 360 degrees. There are water holes on the outer surface of the brush rod, and the brush is rotating. During the process, water is thrown to the surface of the bucket, and the inside of the bucket is cleaned in all directions.
    Automatic external brushing machine: used for cleaning the outer surface and bottom of empty buckets. After the empty buckets enter the external brushing machine, once the number of empty buckets is in place, the bucket pushing device will immediately act and push the buckets to the brush. Immediately afterwards, the motor drives the brush to rotate 360 degrees, and the spray head directed at the empty bucket position starts to spray, and the external surface and bottom of the empty bucket are cleaned in all directions.
    Automatic barrel loading device: The empty barrel is automatically sent into the barrel water filling machine through the action of the air cylinder.
    Bottled water filling machine: It integrates disinfection, washing, filling and capping, and its working process is: two sprays of hot disinfection solution, one drip dry, two sprays of low temperature disinfectant at normal temperature, one drop Dry, two re-water sprays, one drip, two finished water sprays, one drip. In the process, the outside of the barrel is also spray-washed with spray heads. Through the lifting device, all sprays are sprayed. Lift your head upwards, penetrate deep inside the empty bucket, and thoroughly disinfect and spray clean the inside of the bucket. The automatic empty bucket device is used to send the cleaned empty bucket to the filling position for filling, and the overflowed water will be returned to the pure water tank during the process to avoid waste of finished water. After the filling of the big bucket, the conveyor chain belt is used to hang and seal the cover in order.
    On-line barrel lid disinfection machine: The barrel lid is fed into the lid sorting device by an automatic lid closing machine. A photoelectric detection device is designed in the lid sorter to control the start and stop of the lid closing machine. When the lid is missing, the lid closing machine starts. When the cover is full, the capping machine stops. The lid is straightened by the lid unifying device, and then enters the inner slide of the bucket lid sterilizer in sequence. Under the action of wind, it is pushed forward in order. During this process, the lid is sprayed with disinfectant, rinsed with water, washed with finished water, and air-dried Then enter the slides in turn and wait for the cover to hang. Compared with the traditional disinfection method, it saves manpower and has a high degree of automation, avoids secondary contact between the lid and the air, and effectively improves the quality of barreled aquatic products.
    Light inspection equipment: artificially detect the presence of impurities in the barreled water, eliminate defective products, and provide consumers with healthy and safe barreled aquatic products.
    Automatic film covering machine: This device can automatically cover the barrel mouth, instead of manual film covering, and is generally used in large-scale barrel water production.
    Steam film shrinking machine: generates high-temperature steam by electric heating, and uses the high-temperature steam to shrink the film of the barrel mouth, which is closely attached to the surface of the barrel mouth.
    Bucket bagging machine: Automatically lift the bucket so that the bucket is suspended in the air, which is convenient for manually covering the bag on the surface of the bucket water.
    Palletizer: Automatically arrange the finished barrels of aquatic products and stack the barrels of water in turn according to a set procedure, which greatly reduces manpower.

    Note: Mineral water equipment , bottled water production line, bottled water production line and bagged water production line are all pure water equipment . They are produced by Henan Zhonglan Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd., with quality assurance, advanced technology and good reputation.

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