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    Residential sewage equipment


    Hotel sewage contains a large amount of dietary fiber, protein and oil. If not treated, it will cause eutrophication of water bodies and cause pollution. After the pre-treatment of the oil and slag removal of the restaurant and the restaurant, the sewage still contains a large amount of organic pollutants such as emulsified colloid-like oil, protein, and food fiber, which are difficult to be mechanically processed, and need to undergo advanced treatment to reach the discharge standard.
    流程图: Hotel sewage treatment equipment flow chart:

    Process drawing of hotel sewage treatment equipment

    Device parameters:

    Name: Hotel sewage treatment equipment
    Model: zl-fdws001
    Other functions: can be customized according to customer needs

    Hotel sewage treatment technology:
    Hotel sewage treatment equipment process description: The sewage enters the oil separation slag pool from the regulating tank through the grille and then enters the air flotation equipment through the sewage pump. After removing most of the oil, BOD and suspended matter, the sewage enters the bioreactor and passes through the PLC. The controller opens the aerator for oxygenation, the water from the bioreactor enters the membrane separation processing unit through the circulation pump, the concentrated water returns to the bioreactor, and the water separated by the membrane is directly discharged or reused. Part of the water from the air flotation equipment enters the dissolved air tank through the pressurized pump, and returns to the air flotation equipment after the dissolved gas. The backwash pump uses the clear water in the clear water storage tank to backwash the membrane treatment equipment, and the backwash sewage returns to the bioreactor. The filtration operation and backwash operation of the membrane unit can be controlled automatically or manually. When the membrane unit needs chemical cleaning operation, close the water inlet valve and the sewage circulation valve, open the medicine washing valve and the medicine circulation valve, start the medicine liquid circulation pump and the washing pump, and perform the chemical washing operation.

    Hotel sewage treatment equipment
    Hotel sewage treatment equipment

    Process characteristics:
    Current sewage treatment equipment generally has problems such as poor treatment results, high operating costs, large facility area, and other problems, and the operation of treatment facilities is not ideal. Therefore, China's urban water treatment industry urgently needs to develop cost-effective and applicable treatment processes and supporting equipment.
    In this solution, the sewage treatment equipment is an air floatation + membrane-bioreactor (MBR) process. The core part of the process, MBR, is a new process combining biological treatment technology and membrane separation technology, replacing The second precipitation in the traditional process can efficiently perform solid-liquid separation to obtain directly used stable reclaimed water, and can maintain a high concentration of microorganisms in the biological pond. The remaining sludge in the process is small, and ammonia nitrogen is removed very effectively. The effluent suspended matter and turbidity are close to zero, bacteria and viruses in the effluent are largely removed, low energy consumption, small footprint, convenient operation and management, and the effluent can be directly reused.It is particularly affected by industrial development, population area, and water. Lack of resources is welcome. Membrane biological treatment technology applied to wastewater recycling has the following characteristics:
    1. It can efficiently perform solid-liquid separation, separating suspended matter, colloidal matter, and microbial flora lost in biological units from purified water. The separation process is simple, the floor area is small, and the quality of the effluent is good. Generally, it can be reused without third-level treatment.
    2. The biomass in the biological treatment unit can be maintained at a high concentration and the volume load can be greatly improved. At the same time, the efficiency of membrane separation can greatly reduce the hydraulic retention time of the treatment unit, and the footprint of the bioreactor is correspondingly reduced.
    3. As it can prevent the loss of various microbial flora, it is beneficial to the growth of slow-growing bacteria (nitrobacteria, etc.), so that various metabolic processes in the system proceed smoothly.
    4. Make the residence time of some large molecules difficult to degrade organic matter longer, which is conducive to their decomposition.
    5. Membrane treatment technology is the same as other filtration and separation technologies. During the long-term operation, the membrane is blocked as a filter medium, and the membrane's running time is gradually reduced by the effective amount of water. Decrease and maintain the effective service life of the MBR system.
    6. MBR technology is applied in urban sewage treatment. Because of its simple process and convenient operation, it can realize fully automatic operation management.

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