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    Source: Wastewater treatment equipment Author: Bluestar Environmental Time: 2015-08-29 14:09:55 Views: Times

    Food wastewater treatment equipment

    Food waste water includes alcohol, beer, monosodium glutamate, starch, lactose, citric acid, vegetable waste water and various soft drink processing waste water. If the waste water is not treated in time, it will cause great environmental pollution.
    The main pollutants in food wastewater are:
    1. Solid substances floating in wastewater, such as vegetable leaves, peels, minced meat, poultry, etc .;
    2. The substances suspended in the wastewater are oil, protein, starch, colloidal substances, etc .;
    3. Acids, alkalis, salts and sugars dissolved in wastewater:
    4. Silt and other organic matter entrained by raw materials;
    5. Pathogenic bacteria and so on. Food industry wastewater is characterized by high organic matter and suspended matter content, easy to spoil, and generally has no major toxicity. Its harm is mainly to make the water body eutrophic, which will cause the death of aquatic animals and fish, promote the odor of organic matter deposited on the bottom of the water, deteriorate the water quality and pollute the environment.
    The food industry has the characteristics of large scale and large amount of sewage discharge, and the sewage often contains a large amount of sugars, proteins, microbial cells and N, P compounds. Therefore, the hydraulic load and organic load of food waste water are high, and the pollution to the environment is very strong, especially causing eutrophication of the water body and destroying the self-purification ability of the water body. If it is directly discharged, the degree of pollution to the water body can be imagined.
    Combining years of experience in the pollution control industry, our company has made unremitting efforts of many designers and engineers to produce integrated sewage treatment equipment, which has achieved good results in food wastewater treatment. Now introduced as follows:

    Device parameters:
    Product name: Food wastewater treatment equipment
    Brand: China Blue Environmental Model: zl-spws001
    Sewage treatment capacity: 1-1000 (m3 / h)
    Ozone dosage: 1-1000 (g / h)
    Air volume: 1-1000 (m3 / min)
    Aerator power: 0.75 (kw)
    Water pump power: 0.75 (kw)
    Custom processing: Yes

    Food wastewater treatment equipment

    The use of high-tech pool materials makes the complete set of sewage treatment equipment achieve advanced technology, reasonable preparation, excellent performance, good corrosion resistance, convenient maintenance, and beautiful appearance. The tank material is made of anticorrosive prefabricated steel plate according to different reactors, and the special sealing material is leakproof. The protective layer formed by this prefabricated steel plate can not only prevent the tank from corrosion, but also has the function of resisting strong acid and alkali. The construction period is short; the corrosion resistance is strong; the expansion of the sewage treatment plant can achieve less investment and the production can be started quickly.

    Process flow:
    Regulating tank-air flotation sedimentation tank-anaerobic tank-biological aerobic tank-secondary sedimentation tank-filter-clear water reuse tank

    Process Description:
    The design of the equipment is mainly for the treatment of domestic sewage and industrial organic sewage. The main treatment method is to contact the oxidation pond with the more mature biochemical treatment technology. Water quality design parameters are calculated according to the sewage inlet water BOD5 is 250mg / L, and the outlet water BOD5 is 20mg / L. There are seven parts: primary sink, hypoxic tank, contact oxidation tank, secondary sink, disinfection tank, disinfection device, sludge tank, and fan room.
    1. Primary sedimentation tank: The primary sedimentation tank is a vertical flow sedimentation tank. The rising flow velocity of sewage in the sedimentation tank is 0.3 to 0.4 mm / second, and the sedimented sludge is lifted to the sludge tank. SFW-5 and below equipment does not have an initial sink.
    2. Anoxic tank: Anoxic tank is set up for denitrification treatment. YDT type three-dimensional elastic packing is set in the tank as a carrier of denitrifying bacteria. The nitrifying ammonia and nitrous acid oxygen in the nitrating solution are under the action of denitrifying bacteria Reduction to nitrogen to achieve the purpose of denitrification, the effective residence time of the anoxic tank is 2.5 ~ 3.5h, and the dissolved oxygen is controlled to ≤0.5mg / L.
    3. Contact oxidation pond: The sewage flows to the contact pond for biochemical treatment. The contact pond is divided into three stages, with a residence time of 8 hours. (Reinforced equipment contact oxidation time can reach 8-12 hours). The filler is a novel elastic filler, which is easy to condense Clogged, the gas-water ratio of contacting the oxidation pond is around 15: 1.
    4. Secondary sedimentation tank: The biochemical sewage flows to the secondary sedimentation tank. The secondary sedimentation tank is a vertical flow sedimentation with a surface load of <1.0m3 / m2.h. The sludge is lifted to the sludge tank.
    5. Sterilization tank, disinfection device: According to the specification: "TJ14-74" standard is not less than 30 minutes. If it is hospital sewage, the disinfection tank can increase the residence time to 1 to 1.5h.
    6. Disinfection adopts the disinfection method of solid chlorine tablet contact dissolution. The disinfection device can continuously change the dosage according to the amount of water output. .
    Food wastewater treatment equipment

    Technical key:
    The key to this high-tech is:
    1. Reasonable overall design of the reactor tank structure.
    2. Prepared special anti-corrosion coating process.
    3. Advanced processing technology.

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