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    Source: Center of Water Treatment Technology: the blue Time: 2015-08-29 Views: Times

    Mineral water equipmentMineral water equipment

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Mineral water equipment
    Model: zl-kqs001
    Power 12.5 (kw)
    Dimensions 3900 * 3200 * 3500mm
    Number of filling heads 40
    Filling volume 150-3500 (ml)
    Applicable bottle height 150-360 (mm)
    Applicable bottle diameter 50-125 (mm)
    Production capacity 320-350 (cans / minute)
    Filling accuracy 99 (%)
    Packaging Type Bottle

    Mineral water equipment

    Mineral water equipment

    Brief description of the concept:

    Mineral water equipment technology is a membrane separation process based on the principle of sieving separation and pressure as the driving force. The filtration accuracy is within the range of 0.005-0.01um, which can effectively remove particles, colloids, bacteria and polymer organic matter in water. Can be widely used in the separation, concentration and purification of substances. The ultrafiltration process has no phase transformation, and has good temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance. The ultrafiltration membrane adopts different assembly forms, membrane materials and process designs, which can adapt to various water quality conditions and separation functions.

    The machine integrates bottle washing, filling and capping.
    The bottle is manually loaded, sent to the bottle washing station by air, the bottle clamp clamps the mouth of the bottle, flips 180 along the bottle washing track, the pump is turned on, the bottle is rinsed by flushing, and then drained along the bottle washing track The side is turned 180 degrees, the bottle is conveyed out, and the conveyance enters the filling station. It is positioned on the bottleneck of the lifting mechanism of the filling machine by hanging the bottle mouth. Lift the bottle and press it into the filling. During the lifting process, check if there is a bottle on the bottle neck plate of the card. If there is a bottle, the filling process begins and the bottle is filled with soy sauce. If there is no bottle, the corresponding valve remains closed. After the filling is completed, the bottle lifting mechanism is lowered, and the filled bottles are sent to the capping machine for capping through the bottle-out star wheel, and the capped beverage bottles are conveyed to the bottle-out conveyor by the touch screen star wheel.
    In addition, this machine also has the following advantages:
    1. Air-conveying uses polymer materials instead of stainless steel guardrails and bottle caps to avoid abrasion of the bottle caps 2. The use of micro-negative pressure to fill pure water or mineral water for higher output and smoother 3. Capping machine comes out and falls The cap part adopts a protective bottle track, which makes it easier to replace different bottles, and it is not easy to pour the bottle out by screwing the cap 4. Increase the high temperature tank, balance the pressure, and make the liquid level more accurate!

    矿泉水预处理系统工艺流程 Related process flow: Process flow of mineral water pretreatment system

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