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  • Iron and manganese removal equipment for deep well water zl-ctm003

    Source: deep well of iron and manganese in addition to equipment Author: Bluestar Time: 2018-08-29 Views: Times

    Iron and manganese removal equipment for deep well water

    Iron and manganese removal equipment for deep well water

    Basic equipment configuration:
    Name: Iron and manganese removal equipment for deep well water
    Model: zl-ctm003
    Principle: Pressure filtration Use: Solid-liquid separation Style: Cartridge performance: Precision filtration, high efficiency filtration Applicable object: Water Applicable object nature: Weak corrosive filter material type: Manganese sand

    Product description:
    Groundwater in many parts of China contains 5 to 15 mg / L of iron, up to 20 to 39 mg / L, and manganese content of 0.5 to 2.0 mg / L, or even more than 2.0 mg / L. Groundwater with iron exceeding the standard exists in the Fe2 + state, so when it was pumped up, the water quality was clear and clean, but it had an iron smell. A little longer, the water quality becomes cloudy. Fe2 + easily contaminates the ion exchange resin, poisoning the resin and reducing the exchange capacity. Fe2 + contaminates the reverse osmosis membrane and fails. When molten iron is used as boiler make-up water, it is easy to scale, which not only affects heat transfer, but also easily causes tube wall corrosion. When the iron content in the cooling water exceeds 0.5mg / L, the iron will promote the reproduction of iron bacteria, and the produced slime will not only block the pipeline, but also accelerate the corrosion of the equipment. The iron and manganese removal filter integrates the processes of oxidation, ion replacement, retention and clarification, and makes a reasonable design process according to the customer's water quality to achieve a reliable and stable effect.
    In order to remove iron and manganese in water, aeration is required. Oxygen in the air oxidizes the divalent iron and divalent manganese to form Fe (OH) 3, MnO2. According to the level of iron and manganese in the water, jet aeration or hollow multifaceted ball aeration is selected. . Filtering with one or more iron and manganese removal filters can meet the treatment requirements. The effluent contains 0.3mg / L of iron and 0.1m / l of manganese, which meets national drinking water standards.

    Many cities and towns and industrial and mining enterprises in China use groundwater as a source of water. However, the groundwater in many areas contains excessive iron, and its content is generally in the range of 2-16mq / L. "JSY-II Full-Automatic Iron-Removing Manganese Filter" overcomes various problems caused by human operation, backwashing, etc., and gives full play to the advantages of fully automatic work, so it has unparalleled advantages of other iron-removing devices The iron content in the groundwater after treatment is ≤0.3mg / L, which meets the national GB5749-85 quality standard for drinking water.

    Iron and manganese removal equipment for deep well water

    Iron and manganese removal equipment for deep well water

    Scope of application
    zl-ctm002 full-automatic iron removal manganese filter is divided into two series:
    1. It is suitable for iron removal processing system with iron content of groundwater ≤8mg / L.
    2. It is suitable for iron removal system with iron content in groundwater> 8mg / L-≤16mg / L.
    The two types of iron removal devices are applicable to the treatment systems that use groundwater as the water supply source, such as small and medium towns, rural water supply, industrial and mining enterprises, industrial water, softening, and desalination processes.

    Unique advantages
    1. This series of devices are fully automatic. From the processes of water inlet, oxygen flushing, water distribution, filtration, backwashing and water outlet, it is combined into an integrated new iron removal device. Both can be adjusted automatically according to operating requirements.
    2. No suction device, air compressor, backwash pump or water tower is required. Not only save engineering investment, but also bring a lot of convenience to engineering operation management, maintenance and other work.
    3. The special manganese sand filter with high iron removal efficiency can be used to ensure the requirements of water quality and quantity.
    4. If the high and low water level electrical control system is set in the clear water tank and connected to the opening and closing system of the deep well water pump, then the complete system can meet the requirements of an unmanaged automatic water purification system.

    Design Parameters
    1. Applicable iron content in water: ①≤8mg / L②> 8mg / L ~ ≤16mg / L
    2. The iron content in the effluent: ≤0.3mg / L meets the national GB5749-85 quality standard for drinking water.
    3. Surface load: 8-9M3 / H M2
    4. Washing strength: 14-16L / S M2
    5. Rinse duration: 4-6mim (adjustable)
    6. Water inlet pressure: 0.05MPa
    7. Filter material: refined manganese sand for removing iron and manganese 0.5 ~ 2mm particle size
    8. Working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ (special temperature can be customized)
    9. Single machine flow: 0.5m3 / h-80 m3 / h
    11. Filtration speed: 5m / h-12m / h
    12. Shell material: 304, 316L, Q235 rubber-lined or epoxy-coated

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