Henan Zhonglan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in: integrated water purification equipment, groundwater defluorination equipment, well water iron and manganese removal equipment, ultrapure water equipment, valveless filters, pure water equipment, water purification equipment, sewage treatment equipment, Reverse osmosis equipment; environmental protection engineering, construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction; sales of water treatment equipment accessories and consumables, laboratory instruments, teaching equipment, telephone 18838160815.
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    Years of construction experience,
    Professional commitment to water treatment equipment

    Years of construction experience, professional commitment to water equipment.

    1. Based on many years of experience in the water treatment industry, the company has introduced advanced water treatment technology and equipment.

    2. A group of engineering and technical personnel specializing in the design of various water treatment projects and the manufacture, installation and commissioning of related water treatment equipment.

    3. The company has more than 100 employees, 65 professional water treatment technicians, and 15 water treatment engineers to ensure the production and excellent quality of water treatment equipment.


    The effluent water quality is high,
    Environmental Water Treatment Enterprise

    Effluent quality is high, Letter to the environmental water treatment enterprise.

    1. Our slogan: pure, healthy and good health.

    2. The effluent water quality meets or exceeds the water quality standards for domestic drinking or miscellaneous water according to customer requirements.


    Quality supervision

    Quality control. Starting from the root cause.

    1. Realize the recycling of sewage. The treated water can be reused for production, reducing the use of fresh groundwater, which not only reduces the production cost for the enterprise, but also improves the increasingly tight situation of water resources.

    2. Water treatment equipment is produced strictly in accordance with a reasonable design plan, and qualified raw materials are used to strictly test each water purification equipment and sewage treatment equipment.


    Factory direct sales, after sales protection

    Free program, tailorec.

    1. Provide one-stop water treatment equipment and accessories consumables, making purchasing more convenient.

    2. Perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

    3, professional team delivery, timely and effective solution to customer problems.

    Water treatment consulting services

    1 水处理咨询服务

    Energy-saving retrofit services


    Technical Support Services


    Engineering construction services


    AG-type integrated wastewater treatment process

    Domestic sewage first passes through the gutter canal and intercepts large-volume substances through the grille. After that, the sewage enters the adjustment tank, and a perforated aeration pipe is installed at the bottom of the tank to uniformly adjust the water quality and water volume through fan aeration. Transported to integrated sewage equipment for biochemical treatment.

    MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment

    Process flow chart ZL-A / O-MBR integrated sewage treatment equipment mainly includes the treatment units: hydrolysis acidification tank, contact oxidation tank and MBR tank, the outside of the equipment includes the regulation tank, clear water tank, sludge tank and other units, The process flow is as follows:

    H series integrated water purifier process

    Process principle (1) Dosing and mixing dosing device is based on metering pump as the main dosing device, dissolving medicine tank, agitator, level gauge, check valve, pressure gauge, buffer, pipeline, valve, base , Escalator, electric control system, etc.

    How do customers see Lan?

    Customer witness

    Zhonglan Group in the mouth of customers
    I am the owner of a hotel in Henan. Since the use of pure water equipment in your home, there have been few failures. Any problems that are reflected can be resolved in time. It is even more touching that in mid-August each year, expensive
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    A letter to China Blue Group
    I am the owner of a hotel in Henan. Since the use of pure water equipment in your home, there have been few failures. Any problems that are reflected can be resolved in time. It is even more touching that in mid-August each year, expensive
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    Qualification honor

    Qualifications Honor

    • Construction enterprise qualification
    • Production Safety License
    • Environmental Engineering Professional Contracting Qualification
    About Zhonglan

    About Us

    Henan Zhonglan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, the hinterland of the Central Plains, and was established in April 2012. It was formerly known as Zhengzhou Shiguan Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. The company has a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It is a collection of water purification and sewage engineering design, construction, installation, commissioning, and operation; water purification and sewage equipment development, research, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and operation; water purification and sewage technical consulting services Technology companies. The company has a team of more than 100 senior, middle and young people with strong technical ability and experienced professional technical team. The engineering business involves many domestic and provincial, municipal and overseas countries ... [Details]


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